5 Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones

If your Android phone is loaded with many apps where many of them are not useful to you thereby decreasing the battery capacity of your phone and even utilizing much of your phone’s space, then rooting your Android phone is the best option you have which can help you out with your problem. So if you have recently rooted your Android phone or if you are going to root it then you must consider the best apps for rooted Android phone which are listed below.

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Best Apps for Rooted Android

1. Stick Mount

best apps for rooted android #1: stick mount

USB OTG features are supported by most of the devices now-a-days which allows the user to connect any USB device to their Android phone. This includes anything like pen drive, USB keyboard or mouse, gamepad, external HDD and many more.

Most of the Android phones supports an external HDD and pen drives which is supported only by the FAT32 formatted mobiles. But this problem can be resolved with the aid of a stick mount. Stick mount allows the users to read or write to an external NTFS partition without any trouble. This app is also useful for devices which does not automatically mount external USB devices.

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2. Titanium Backup

best apps for rooted android #2: titanium backup

This is one of the best apps for rooted Android phones which might be really very much useful for many of the users, as most of the users root their android to gain the ability to back-up their associated app data and installed apps. It can still do much more including backup to cloud storage services like Dropbox, converting any app to a system ones and much more.

3. Greenify

rooted android app #3: greenify

Many of the users like to do many things at one time, then they forget to turn off the running apps in the background while using other apps which consumes precious resources of your phone and even utilizes more battery. So, by having this app for your rooted Android phone, you can break off the unnecessary running apps which solves the slowing down problem of your mobile. This app hibernates app processes to achieve its objective and requires root access. It does not kill the background running app but hibernates the app and automatically starts them up when needed.

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4. RoundR

rooted android app #4: roundr

It has a very minor purpose which is to make the edges of your phone’s screen round, instead of flat as in IOS. You may think how it is useful as it is producing a minor change but I assure you that it however makes a noticeable difference in your day-to-day life. Rounded corners can affect the UI to great extend but it is difficult to explain how it does, but at the end it does so. You must try this best android app to know the differences.

5. GMD Gesture Control

best rooted android app #5: gmd gesture control

GMD Gesture Control is particularly beneficial for android tablet owners. Certain tasks can be performed by assigning certain gestures by using this app. Like, four figure swipe can be set across the screen which takes you automatically to the previous app you were using similar to that one present in iPad. Even Note and other Phablet users can use GMD Gesture Control for navigation purpose.

Hope the above list of may be useful to all of you…

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  • Nice post Salman !
    All the apps mentioned in this list are amazing and no doubt the best apps for rooted phones.Out of all the apps mentioned in this list , i like the features of RoundR and would try it out for sure. Thanks for sharing these apps with us.

  • Hi Salman,
    it seems Android is pretty popular among tech lovers and engineers.
    I am a huge Apple fan and I own just its devices : iPhone and iPad.
    Thanks for sharing that in Klinkk!

  • I used stick mount twice for rooting my Galaxy S3 and didn’t find any problem.Its pretty simple to use.

    Thanks for exploring more options for me 🙂


  • Hi Salman, Thanks for sharing this awesome info. I think I will surely love the app Greenify as I am always forgetting to turn off the programs in background and it kills my phone’s battery.

  • Hi.. Salman

    Nice post bro. again. I visite your blog and saw this awesome post. here this is really helpful bro. and i like to see and use some amzaing things and now, i got some apps thse are amazing in Looking but after some time i will try to use this… And thanks Bro. 🙂

  • Can you share some Android app with which I can control every possible hardware component of my rooted Android phone. I means, it’s processor and other things. It will improve battery backup, what do you think? 😀


    • I don’t think with one Android app, you can control all that you require. You need to use a number of apps for that – Greenify is the one which hibernates app processes thereby improving battery backup!