Which is the Best Browser for Android?

The Android had revolutionized the smartphone and gadgets world. Every day many apps are launched that are related to Android. Many mobile companies are increasing their business by trading in Android devices. The rapid growth in Android technology has boomed the business of many smart phone organizations. But most of the people using the Android devices are not aware of the fact that internet service providers are robbing them. The price of internet usage is too high. These internet bills can be reduced by using some of the best browser for Android on your devices that can save your internet usage and help you out in reducing the internet bills. The best browser for Android consumes low bandwidth and low data while loading the page. So here is the list of 5 best browser for Android OS that you can use on your device.

Best Browser for Android

UC Browser for Android

uc browser for Android

The UC browser is one of the best browser for Android which allows you to create the configurations for various networks and also allow you to manage different browsing styles. There are more than 400 million people using this browser worldwide. This Android browser occupies just 5.9 MB space on your device. It provides a wide range of functionalities to users like multi-touch supports for gestures and command, faster download, auto fill, works on Android version 2.1 or higher, organize web apps, multiple start-up screens, customized wallpapers and themes, and lots more.

Download UC Browser for Android

Opera Mini

opera mini for Android

Opera Mini is one of the most popular mobile browsers that are found in nearly every multimedia phone. It is faster, speedy and provides easy loading of web pages. It is nearly 5 times faster than its rivalries. Some of the great features of this browser are- you can get the latest news on entertainment and sports, it is very fast, you can open numerous pages concurrently, immediate updates through social networks.

Download Opera Mini Browser for Android

Google Chrome for Android

google chrome for Android

The Google Chrome is another best browser for Android. It has got more than 100 million users worldwide. But the only low point is that this browser will not work with lower Android versions. Some of the best features of this browser are – fast and reliable, simple user experience, loads quickly, numerous tabs can be opened at once, easy and fast navigation and lots more.

Download Google Chrome for Android

Firefox Browser for Android

firefox browser for Android

This browser is very similar to its desktop variant as it provides nearly all the features in its desktop variant. More than 50 million people are using it worldwide. It is one of the safe and smart app for Android users. Some of the prominent features of this browser are – add extensions and add-ons, supports reader mode to read pages, sync function with bookmarks, history, opened tabs, awesome front screen options and much more.

Download Firefox Browser for Android

Dolphin Browser

dolphin browser for Android

The Dolphin browser is another best browser for Android featuring dolphin connect. It also allows you to send and synchronize your contents between desktop and mobile. Use this browser, and sync everything you want. Some of the great features of this browser are – RSS Detection, Multi Touch, Pinch Zoom, unlimited tabs, extensions and add-ons, innovative and new menu design, weekly updates and much more.

Download Dolphin browser for Android

This was the list of 5 best browsers to be used on your devices to save the memory usage and internet bills.



Over to you …

According to you, which is the best Android browser?

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  • Hi Salman,

    I think Chrome is best for High End Device, example for Minimum 1,2 GHz Processor. Below 1,2 GHz, it’s not good enough.
    Unfortunately my device is only 1 GHz Processor, so for now UC Browser is The Best Android Browser that I tried. At least for my device right now 🙂

  • Hello,

    Well Opera mini is the ultimate choice, as its really great browser with awesome speed. I’m using it from a long time. UCbrowser is also great but it can’t open full site.