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How to fix different Kik Problems?

fix kik problems
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Kik Messenger is one of the most used instant messaging apps. People love using Kik because it provides a very nice environment to have distant chats with your friends and all of that for free. But since this is just an app so it is likely to face different bugs and problems. In this post I am going to tell you some problems that people face while using Kik and their quick fixes so that you can have a better instant messaging experience with Kik.

fix kik problems

1. Spam Accounts and Messages in KIK:

One of the sickest problems that Kik users face are spam messages coming from different accounts. Most of the times it is a beautiful young who texts you and then ask out for friendship and other vulgar stuff. Same thing happens variably for girls. Most people think that they are smart and that’s why some young lady is trying to ask them out on a date which could lead them to worst of disasters.

Fix: Unfortunately there is not a permanent fix to this problem. Kik developers might think about paying attention to that but as long as they don’t, you need to save yourselves. The best way to resolve this is or you can take this like more of an advice that you simple block those accounts which you do not know. Blocking any such accounts will stop any income messages and you won’t be flattered.

2. Logging out of Kik:

Most apps have a simple logout button which users tap to logout of that particular app. While Kik users face a common problem while doing that because there is no logout option what so ever. This problem is the most common and is most searched on internet about Kik but you will be amazed because this has an easy fix.
Fix: To fix this problem is quite easy. Actually there is a logout button but it is misunderstood for account deactivation because it says so. That deactivation button in the Kik Messenger is actually your logout button and it only logs you out of messenger instead of deactivating your account. Follow the below steps to find that deactivation or logout button.

  1. Open the Kik messenger and go to settings in it.
  2. In the settings, open the account settings.
  3. Now scroll down the screen and look for Deactivate Kik button.
  4. Tap on it, do the confirmation and this will take you to the login screen by signing you out of Kik.
  5. Now to login again, follow the conventional procedure of adding credentials and login.

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