The Beautiful LG G3: Release Date, News and Rumors

LG is about to release their next flagship device, the flagship of 2014 on May 27. Like many other most-anticipated flagship smartphones, the LG G3 has been a center of focus for many people waiting eagerly for this smartphone. The internet is full of inquiries about the new phone. Also, leaked photos of this device have been circulated over many websites as well. When the tension was getting higher; LG released an official teaser video of the phone which has taken the tension to the next level. But at least, people could now guess something about the new smartphone that is going to be unveiled soon.

From the leaked pictures, it’s been seen that the G3 is a pure beauty! The simple yet stunning looking handset has won hearts even before it is released. Thanks to tipster evleaks for leaking out the pictures well ahead of the release. The teaser video proves that the evleaks photos were legit.

So what is so interesting about the LG G3?


Before the HTC One (m8) launch, the number of leaks was too high just like this G3. The internet has almost gone crazy! But everyone is admiring the beautiful handset LG is about to unveil. Nice business policy there (about all the leak and stuff), LG!

Not only eveleaks; popular phone review website PhoneArena has also come up with a few leaked images. Not every image is made sure of the authenticity, but at least they look almost similar to the one shown in the official teaser video. Here’s the leak from PhoneArena:


An absolute killer of the Samsung Galaxy S5! Samsung would definitely have to re-think about their next flagship device.

From different leaked pictures, mostly three versions of the G3 are visible. These three versions are black and white, golden and a whitish color; could be a silver coated version.

Illustrations can’t exactly show off how the real smartphones will look like in these colors. However, the metallic brush metal finish appears to look better. This isn’t a final vote for the black and white look though; because we have no idea how they will look like when we get to hold one. Who knows, the golden version could turn out to be the best looking one. Nothing is certain.

The rear illustration shows off the very nicely placed power and volume button. They should feel comfortable as their positions suggest. The camera is supposed to be equipped with OIS; the teaser video gave a glimpse of it. Right by the left side of the camera; it is believed it is an infrared focusing sensor. Even in darkness, the infrared sensor would be able to measure the correct distance between the lens and the subject.

The front panel illustrates the 5.5 inch qHD display. The bezel measures to be very slim, following the slimmer bezel tradition from the previous LG G2.

With most killer looks; there are highly powerful specifications as well. The phone is said to have a Snapdragon 805. For detailed specification, we have to wait.


More news on G3 will be furnished as we get them!

Author Bio: I am Prakash Thakur, a young Entrepreneur and a Technology blogger, currently living in Kolkata, India. Founder and Main author of LG G3 Updates.

Pic courtesies of @evleaks and PhoneArena


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    Thanks Buddy for sharing this with us, I was looking for a good smartphone to purchase, I am going to extent my wait for new smartphone till the release of this awesome phone 🙂


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  • Its nice learning about the LG G3 latest flagship! Smartphone freaks and businesses looking for the next mobile tool are going to consider this latest device. However, I don’t see it beating the Samsung Galaxy S5!

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  • Lg g3 is setting up its market but buddy trust me I have seen a wave of Moto E around me ..Nobody is thinking else Moto E and Apple new launch.But yes you have stated very well about the phone.keep it up

  • This had definitely made Samsung to gear more features for their new release. It might be a publicity stunt to have the audience excited about the launch. The teaser made it more official and thus people will want to have an eye for it. The big screen and the all the awaited features will make the people wow after reading the official release. LG has been facing some lack of attention, this move will change the scenario for good.

    Anyway, I found this on kingged.

  • Thanks for this wonderful post regarding LG G3, the next upcoming LG flagship phone.

    2013 has been a great mobile innovation year and their is no doubt the 2014 is a greater one compare to latest phones been released by top mobile brands like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG and so on.

    I have read about the rumor specification of this phone and i can boldly say “IT IS WELL CREATED PHONE, THAT ALMOST EVERYONE WILL WANT TO USE”

    Anytime LG wish to release this device, I will be Ready to welcome it 🙂 AWAIT YOUR G3

    Have a nice weekend Salman & Praksh

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  • Phone brands never stop competing do they?

    Well, maybe it’s for the better of people, or is it? What are we gonna do with all the phones in the world anyway, not everybody can afford it.

    This phone does have a lot of good features, though, they showed out a trailer so maybe it is what it is and it’s coming out maybe sooner than what we expect. How much could it be?

    • The LG G3 is expected to launch tomorrow ie., 27th May 2014. Pricing and other things will be updated after that ! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • LG G3 is a stunning mobile phone from LG electronics which is almost far superior to other mobiles in present date. Although it has been launched in Korea, in India it is expected to arrive till end of June and not sure about the price tag.

    Some of the key features of LG G3 that makes it superior to other rivals are-
    1. 2Gb and 3 GB RAM
    2. 3000 mAh battery
    3. 1440×2560 pixels display resolution
    4. 16 GB and 32 Gb inbuilt with expandable upto 128GB
    5. 13 MP (4160×3120 pixels) camera

    And many more salient features that are not available in other phones. In India, its journey depends on the price tag which is unknown till date.
    Anyways, I found the post shared on Kingged.com.

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