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A Grand list of best web browsers for Mac (Top 20)

list of best browsers for mac
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If you are MAC user and looking for a best web browser for it then you are on the right place. I put up an effort for you and made a list of top 20 web browsers that a MAC user can trust and use. After reading this you will definitely be able to select a best web browser for MAC.

Here is the list of top 20 browsers for Mac (with download links):

list of best web browsers for mac

1. Mozilla Fire Fox:

Looking for ease and speed while browsing internet? Download Mozilla Fire Fox for your MAC and forget about all the worries. It has simple and latest functions that let you explore the world better than ever.

mozilla firefox for mac

Download it here.

2. Google Chrome:

Doesn’t matter if I somehow put this on number 2nd. This is world’s best browser where everything is fast and right according to your needs. Known for its speed and beauty Google Chrome is world’s choice and so should be yours.

google chrome web browser for mac

Download Chrome for MAC here.

3. Torch Browser:

Might not be on the level of above two browsers, Torch still has place in people’s hearts for its distinguished features. Better Online plug-in and streaming are the reasons why it could be your choice as your best web browser for MAC.

torch browser mac

Download it here.

4. Apple Safari:

Since Mac is a product of Apple, most experts would suggest you to keep using Apple’s own browser due to compatibility and reliability. Competition of browsers is hard out here still Safari is a good option if you have Mac as your operating system.

apple safari

Download for free here.

5. Opera:

Due to the certain problems that occur with operating systems, people have seemed to trust Opera as a good alternative for top browsers since it’s light and easy.

mac opera

Click here to download.

6. Net Scape X:

Looking for a free yet better alternative for Safari being a Mac user? Well I would suggest that you for Net Scape X in that case since it comes fully free of bugs and is light and very reliable.

netscape x-mac web browser

Download here.

7. Rock Melt:

Having Facebook connected to browsers was one of the main focus of the app developers. Rock Melt is a browser that is integrated beautifully with Facebook and gives you many website updates that makes your web experience better.


Download RockMelt for Mac here.

8. Max Thon:

Developers for this browser claims that this browser is as easy to use as it is reliable. It has some innovative and distinguished features from other web browsers such as Cloud Push etc. You may go for Max Thon as your best browser for Mac.

maxthon for mac

Download Max Thon for mac here.

9. Fire Fox Aurora for Mac:

Want to check the features of Mozilla browser, you can check here by installing this on your Mac. You will experience some amazing innovations in the web browsers here.

firefox aurora

Download link.

10. Omni Web:

Looking for a light and less spaced web browser? Omni Web should be your choice since it’s a browser that would take lesser space, it is light and still a complete web browser. This could really serve as alternative but best web browser for Mac.

omni web browser

Download omni web browser for mac here.

11. iTube for Mac:

If you a T.V lover and looking for a cool browser that could run all good T.V channels on your Mac then go for this. It provides you with over 1500 channels full of entertainment and information. You can search over 2 million videos available through iTube.

itube for mac

Download link.

12. Sea Monkey:

Though not considered a very good main stream browser still it has almost all the features that would want from a good web browser. You can chat, send emails and do development work on your Sea Monkey browser that might not be considered as best web browser for Mac but still very good.


Download seo Monkey browser for ios here.

13. Cruz:

If you are running short of time and want to do multiple tasks with as many as number of tabs you want, then go for Cruz. It won’t put any additional load on your operating systems with increasing tabs so you don’t need not worry about that thing.

cruz browser

Download Cruz for mac here.

14. Sunrise for Mac:

This is browser with full user interface required to good web browsing. This more like Opera and Safari with features such as streaming and downloads. You can save your bookmarks and interface is very user friendly so I guess Sunrise could be a best web browser for Mac.

sunrise browser

Download sunrise browser here.

15. Slim Boat for Mac:

Design of this browser is old and basic still it fulfills all your requirements as an internet user. It is fast, easy and reliable to use with all the important features that a good web browser should have. You Tube lovers would love this too because it provides an easy path to download videos from it.

slim boat for mac

Click here to download this browser.

16. Glims:

Glims is available for free on the Apple app store and serves as a good additional thing to Safari. You can also add this as add-on to your safari and experience rather distinguished features.

glims browser for mac

Click here to Download Glims for mac.

17. Vivaldi for Mac:

This is one of the very few browsers who serves users the best and care for them. It is fast and functionality is right according to the needs of users. Modern technology is being used to create a best browser for Mac such as Java script. Quick commands via keyboard to surf options such as history, bookmarks adds to the beauty of browser.

vivaldi browser for mac

Download here.

18. Roccat for Mac:

This not unlike most of the conventional web browsers but there is still something unique in it and that is Cloud backup. You will not lose your data while using this browser since everything would remain safe in the cloud backup of Roccat.

roccat web browser for mac logo

Download Roccat for mac here.

19. Citrio:

This is not a simple web browser. Old ideas of browsing internet are not any more productive while using this web browser for Mac. You don’t need other software to download your videos from the websites. Everything is present inside the browser would download the videos and important files. This and many other features makes it another best web browser for Mac.

citrio broswer for mac

Download citrio here.

20. Shiira for Mac:

And here comes the last entry of AGEEKY’s grand list of best web browser for Mac i.e. Shiira. This is not a source protected browser and its source code is available to see. Moto behind this web browser was to provide something better than Safari which was achieved a little bit due to some of its features.

shiira browser for mac

Shiira for mac-Download link.

Did you like our list for best web browser for Mac? Leave us feedback in comments and if you know about some other good browser then please do notify us in case I missed something.


  • On a more serious note, I never knew there existed many browsers like these apart from Chrome, Opera and Mozilla. In as much as you intended to direct this towards Mac Users, Windows users like myself are grateful as well.

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