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In the creative world of graphic design, there can be much loneliness. Much like a writer sits in a self-imposed solitary confinement, so do designers as they develop their latest creations.  However, creative types do not have to work completely alone, nor should they. Just like writers need feedback on their prose, so do graphic designers on their images.

In any creative industry, corroboration and collaboration makes the best final product. That is why graphic designers, copywriters, photographers, fashion designers, or any creative professional should get involved with communities such as is a central social networking site for creative professionals in dozens of creative industries where they can display their work and discover how to push their ideas to make them better.

Behance Thrives on Community

Behance is not just a website for creative designers. It is a platform of sites that integrate together to foster the best in any creative individual.  To get the best out of Behance, it encourages members to work together as a community to help their sites improve, as well as improve each others’ work.

How To Become a Member of Behance

Membership to Behance is free, but is by invitation only. However, Behance does not restrict membership only to creative individuals. It also allows “followers” to become members who wish only to keep track of others’ work.

You must submit a request for invitation. Designers must describe their work and how they integrate into the Behance network. Once a member, a designer can display his or her work, look for designing jobs, network with others within the industry, and even get inspiration for their next work. There are no restrictions on the number of projects a member can create, or on the number of images each member can upload.

Joining Circles on Behance

Each member can join networks and groups that they are interested in. A group is a member-created community of members focusing on a special-interest or niche category. Groups are a great way to expand a designer’s network of contacts and to get the best qualified feedback on niche work. Members may also join networks of schools, companies, or creative organizations to keep in touch.

Members may also form “inner circles.” An Inner Circle is a small group of connected followers and trusted peers who work together on a project or share information only within the circle.

Other Features on Behance

Designers get the benefit of a full platform of connected sites within Behance. Use the Action Method to help keep track of projects and maintain action lists. The “99%” contains articles, tips, and videos intended to help creative professionals get inspiration. Behance also offers advisory services and speaking engagements to share the love and passion of creative design to business organizations.

If a designer or any creative individual wants to make it happen, joining a social site like is the way to go.

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