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How to get paid apps for free without JailBreak?

get paid ios apps for free without jailbreak
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iPhone might not be one of the generous service providers and most of the things aren’t available for free unlike Google’s play store but there are ways with which you can have its apps for free.

There are only few important apps on the Apple store which are available for free and you will need to pay some dollars if you want to use the rest of them and of course not everyone is too rich to pay for them and even if you are rich then free is always enjoyable LOL!

Let’s tell you about some of the ways by using which you can enjoy Apple apps for free.

get paid apps for free without jailbreak

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Cracked Apps:

This is the most common way of having free apps where professionals restrict the EXE file from online verification and it runs the app without paying any bills. Now your app won’t be able to connect with the app store and you can’t do any further online upgrades to it and you will have to use the app as it is.

Now there is a dis-advantage of cracked apps. First thing is that you can’t update your software because it doesn’t allow you to connect to the app store. Secondly what if you need a app where everything you need must be carried out online and that’s why this way is reliable only when you want to play games more often and installing cracked games isn’t something worth worrying. Cracked apps may also contain malware that could severely damage your device and it is also hard to find them.

Using third-party app stores:

Third party app stores are basically unofficial app stores that are run by some professional in order to earn money. In these stores apps are able to be downloaded free but you will need to do some favors for the provider.

For instance, you will need to create a free account on their website or downloading some flash app player content or also advertisements add to their income so you might need to open those adds.

Content available on these sits might not necessarily be cracked and provide you free apps but of course you will need to fulfill the favors mentioned above. A good thing about these third party apps stores is that their content is often reliable and doesn’t contain any malware or other harmful content that could damage your system.

But there is a bad side to these sites too. Though you do get the apps for free but sometimes their quality is questionable. They can’t guarantee whether their apps will work with your phone or not. There is very little danger of malware but for this part you can trust but you will need to search some trusted sites first.

Some of the remaining ways to get the free apps without jail break include Free App Aggregators, Customer programs and company App deal sites.

So this was all from this article. Hope that it helped you and we hope you would stay tuned to AGEEKY.

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