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How to Increase SoundCloud Plays

some tips to increase your soundcloud plays
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Sound Cloud is such a large music community that getting recognition on it is not an easy job for a new comer. Music is such a large industry and it is not easy to get famous especially online where nobody knows you. But there are number of ways with the help of which you can get a lot of followers and increase your SoundCloud plays.

some tips to increase soundcloud plays


Buy ‘Sound Cloud Plays’ to increase your Sound Cloud Plays:

Sound Cloud plays are online service providers that work to increase the popularity of your music by boosting your songs on SC. Those who don’t even know you see your songs on their sound cloud, they listen and then share with their friends and this is what makes you more and more popular i.e. Fans. But of course they are not free of cost and they do require money for what they do. Follow this link to know all of the online SC providers and their rates.

But you there are always advantages and disadvantages of everything and these services also have theirs. Some of their pros and cons are discussed below.


  • Instead of starting from zero and doing all the effort to get plays, you start from 1000 and more according to the offer you got and this gets you quick recognition among the sound cloud users.
  • You can get much attraction from the users and media on the cost of few dollars.


  • You won’t who is playing your song and who are your fans.
  • Not all of the companies are trust worthy and even they can’t always guarantee the proper job.
  • Only plays doesn’t get you the proper recognition as an artist and this is what you will have to do yourself.

Other ways to increase SoundCloud Plays:

1. Use the best time to upload your songs. For instance, most of the people are at work or school and they won’t be able to catch with SC in their work time so you will have to choose time when people are free and they get in touch with this stuff. You can try uploading music at Saturdays or Sundays at evening or night and these are the times when people will look for music and might find yours.

2. Facebook as we all know is the biggest social network and you might have a lot of friends and groups where there might be 1000 of members. This is the place where you can get most of the plays by sharing your music to your wall and also in these groups. You can also try Google+ communities where there are a lot of people and you might get some fan following.

3. Make sure that your track is your own effort and new. People would always look for something new and they will surely appreciate your work as you know the quotation that hard work pays.

So these were few of the ways using which you can use to increase sound cloud plays.
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