iPhone 5 stuck in Headphone Mode (fix)

It has been seen many times that people complain about their iPhone 5’s speakers have suddenly stopped working. Some people think that there is some problem with their speakers, which is most of the times not true. It could happen due to the fact that your iPhone 5 stuck in headphone mode.

how to fix iPhone 5 stuck in Headphone Mode

It happens because of a problem with your headphones jack. It tells you phone that you have plugged in the headphones when you have not. That could happen due to the many reasons. One of them is the problem with headphone jack’s pins. That could happen due to water contact which results in the corrosion of pins. And as a result of which the pins get stuck.

How to Fix When Iphone 5 Stuck in headphone mode:

You can basically try two things to get rid of this problem. One is to restart the phone or else try the Q-tip technique. Let’s elaborate both of the two techniques.

Restarting technique for iPhone 5 stuck in headphone mode:

You can solve the problem by restarting your iPhone 5. Hold the ‘Home’ button and then ‘Power’ button simultaneously. Keep holding them till the phone shows ‘Apple logo’ and turns off. The phone will then restart and might solve the problem for you. Let’s get on to Q-tip technique if this doesn’t work.

Q-Tip technique for iPhone 5 stuck in headphone mode:

This is a common technique to solve such problems and most of the times they do guarantee the solution. Here is what you going to do for this method.

  1. Grab your phone in your one hand and a Q-tip in another. Q-tip is a small stick with little cotton at the end.
  2. Put one end of the Q-tip in the headphone jack of your iPhone and rotate it.
  3. This will bring back the stuck pins at their places by separating them from each other or where they are stuck inside.

And this shall solve the problem for you within a matter of minutes.

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