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iPhone stuck in headphone mode-Fix

fix iphone stuct in headphone mode
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Most of the people, when encounter the mentioned problem, they consider it to be a hardware error. This is not always true. It is a common problem and is not always because of hardware problem. I have already wrote about this problem for iPhone 5 and 6 and this is a general blog where you will know a general solution for iPhone stuck in headphone mode.

Possible causes for iPhone stuck in headphone mode:

Before moving on to the solution, first we should know that what could possibly cause this bug. This could be either hardware or software problem. Most common hardware problem occurs due to the water contact. Also pins of your headphone’s jack get stuck in irregular manner. Software errors may also bring this problem. For instance, you suddenly take out your headphones from the jack and the phone gets stuck in headphone mode.

So these were some of the causes due to which the headphone stuck issue occur. Now we will try to find out some quick fixes for the problem.

Fix for iPhone stuck in headphone mode:

Here is a quick solution with the help of which you can easily solve the problem.

fix iphone stuct in headphone mode

  1. If you are using an external decorative cover for your device, remove it.
  2. Then you have got to make sure that no dust stays in the jack. You can blow out the dust by blowing air in the headphone jack either by your mouth or using any compressor.
  3. Blowing in air won’t help completely. Use a Q-tip or toothpick to make sure that not a single dust particle remains in the jack. (Single is for maximum work, though none can clean the full dust LOL!)
  4. Now make a proper connection of your headphones with the jack, means that you have put them in correctly.
  5. You could also use some cleaning agent which is not harmful for the machine to clean the place.

Now take the headphone out again and check by pressing volume button if the issue has been resolved.

See this was quick and easy. If you want to know about different methods to fix individually for iphone 5 and 6 then refer to the post below:

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