Top 10 Ways to Find your Lost Phone

No one decides when and how they lose their phone; it just happens without anybody’s wish or knowledge. Losing a phone can be so frustrating sometimes since people find mobile phones to be the most essential parts of their loves and communication.

When such a fail happens, surely before you panic, there are certain steps to be followed in order to retrieve a lost or stolen phone.

top 10 ways to find lost phone

  1. Just like any other civil cases, mobile phone theft has to be reported to the relevant authorities, starting with the local police who give a crime a reference number one uses in order to ascertain that the phone is lost in case you need a replacement.
  2. Before starting any phone tracing operation, it is recommended that you either borrow another person’s phone, and try calling your cell phone for it to ring somewhere near you and in that case to trace it. Or you may also log into websites that ask for your number and call it for you. This method is mostly advised if you lose your phone being at home or in a building and you have no idea where it might be.
  3. Reporting the situation to the service provider is also a wise choice especially if there are important files or information one is protecting stored among the phone data. The service provider helps by locking your number and making the phone not usable right after you give them your IMEI number.
  4. You can try calling your cell phone after realizing you have lost it somewhere far away to find out whether it has not been switched off. Luckily most people find they dropped their phone and it had not been stolen. When they call, the person who picks the cell may pick it and if honest enough, may choose to give it back to the owner right after collecting it. That is the lucky way to get your phone back.
  5. The cell may have been stolen hence on calling: the thief fails to answer or asks for a payment for having found the phone. In that case, one may choose to pay the little reward in order to get the useful information and contacts in the phone. Still, try to trace the thief with the help of police, the service provider and using the IMEI.
  6. You can also track the location of a phone using a computer or a system that can access the account of the cell phone spy software that is used to keep track of your call logs and outgoing and incoming text messages. This can be a huge help especially if the new owner of the phone is using it. The qualitative mobile spy software will also locate the current position of the phone on the map if GPS or Wi-Fi is on.
  7. Having a clue of where you dropped your phone or where it was stolen, may it be in the silent mode or not, there is a mobile app one can use so that the cell sirens out loudly and the owner is able to find it.
  8. If a lost phone is not app-friendly or lacks GPS, sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon operators can be of much help as they use intelligent machinery to locate the most current place the phone can be. They only can help if the SIM card that was in the phone is still in it, and the phone still has got the power and adequate signal strength to help them tracing it back.
  9. Android phones are the easiest to trace as one can install the tracking system from Google Play. Having the software installed, you may proceed to search for the exact location of the phone effortlessly from your PC.
  10. Locking the phone using the self-lock apps and sending self-destruct codes that kill the phone activities till you are able to locate it and get in your hands are the last and most powerful methods of dealing with the loss. Having secret data stored on the phone, this may be the last chance to never let it be seen by a thief or any person who find the cell.

All in all, it is best for a phone user to be more careful and keep a mobile phone in a safe place to avoid theft or losing it, especially in the public places. And surely it’s better to foresee the potential loss before it’s not too late and fill in your cell with tracking applications that one day may become of a great use.


  • Thanks for sharing the resourceful article on Top 10 ways to find the lost phone. I will opt the idea of installing self-lock apps which will generate self-destruct code disabling theft to use my phone in any way.

  • Hi Tifanny,

    I’ve heard that latest smartphones have special anti-theft features. It can get a snapshot of the thief’s face automatically when he uses it then send to your email address including his location. I’m not sure if it’s an app or built-in features of these smartphones. Anyway, thanks for sharing these very helpful tips on how to find a lost phone. 😀

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