How to Open WhatsApp in Web Browser?

WhatsApp, which is one of the most popular instant messaging app, now allows its users to connect the WhatsApp Client to the web browser and access WhatsApp on PC.

With this WhatsApp feature, users can chat with their friends and relatives under the comfort of a web browser. At present only the Google Chrome browser is supported but more browsers would be added soon.

Note: This WhatsApp web feature is currently available only for Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone users. Due to some platform limitations, Apple users cannot access the WhatsApp web.

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So, lets see how to access WhatsApp web?


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How to Access WhatsApp Web

To connect to and access WhatsApp web, users would require the latest version of WhatsApp (ie. version 2.11.498) which will slowly be rolling out to all the users world wide.

  • Open (in Google Chrome browser)
  • A QR code will be displayed to you, simply scan that QR code and you’re done

Kindly note that your device needs to be connected to the internet for the WhatsApp web to work.

So, have you received the latest WhatsApp update?

Have you started using the WhatsApp yet?

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