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download far cry 4 mod free
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Far Cry 4 is such an awesome game and you’re going to love it more with a great number of many modes that are available on internet. In this post I am going to share some of the mods that you could try and have fun.

download far cry 4 mods free

Far Cry 4 Immersion Mod:

This Mod of far cry is compatible with the version 1.10 of the game. There are no other changes made to the game except to the visual of the game.

Things that are removed from the game:

  • Removes startup logo movies.
  • Removes flashing objects (chests, plants, dead bodies, etc).
  • Removes seeing enemies through walls.
  • Removes enemies on the mini map.
  • Removes Yellow / White objective arrows and pulsing circle around objectives.
  • Removes laser beams from sniper rifles.
  • Adds attachments back to weapons that normally could not accept them (Skorpion, M1911, etc. etc.).
  • Removes annoying constant on screen prompts such as vehicle controls, HOLD E to EXIT vehicle, HOLD R CANCEL ARROW / HOLD R NORMAL ARROW, HOLD F DROP BODY, HOLD Q to HEAL when you are hurt, etc.

Some Major changes:

Changes most keys to just press instead of press and hold.

Adds the following keys (can all be remapped):

  • INTERACT: Press E to use or pickup items. Press and hold E to use grappling hook.
  • RELOAD: Press RELOAD KEY to reload – press and hold RELOAD to bring up weapon wheel.
  • HEAL: Press HEAL KEY to heal. Press and hold HEAL to bring up syringe wheel.
  • HIDE HUD: Use the L key to hide your HUD completely (total immersion!).
  • Days and nights last about twice as long now (they are really too short in the default game).
  • Improved moon and stars images (textures by Ceano).
  • Improved weapon sight images (textures by Ceano).

Far cry 4 immersion mod Download link:

Click here to download immersion mod.

Far Cry 4 Nightmare Mod:

These features are in addition:

Ammo prices are extremely high. You have to be very careful with your ammo, because the only way to replenish your supply is by scavenging, looting dead soldiers, or hijacking cargo trucks (If anyone would prefer standard ammo prices just tell me, I can add a version with standard prices)

All guns now have correct names and use the correct ammo. The damage has been computed based on the real ballistic data (Energy of the bullet, modified by barrel length and bullet dimensions – large calibers do proportionally more damage, after penetration)
The ammo system has been totally revamped, and instead of buying Assault rifle bullets, you buy the real thing, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm you name it. Each gun uses the ammo it uses in reality – the Vector .45ACP, the P416 5.56mm, the M-14 and the M-700 7.62, the Z93 12.7mm.

No crafting or buying of healing syringes. The only way to get your hands on syringes is to collect med packs, you can neither buy them nor craft them, auto crafting is disabled (but you can still craft all other syringes).
No silencers for rifles. Silencers are only available for small arms, e.g. pistols and SMGs.
No M-79 grenade launcher in the stores. It will only be available during quests, you can`t buy it in the store, so if you want to keep it, don’t drop it.

Eagles are now a boon as well as a pain in the ass. You will get a huge reward for each black eagle feather you acquire.

Far cry 4 mods Download link:

Click here to download far cry 4 nightmare mod.

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