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Far Cry 4 Cheats

far cry 4 cheats
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Not everyone is a pro gamer and they need help and shortcuts to achieve an easy way in the game. Infinite XP, money and karma are few of the things in far cry 4, if you have them in enough supply then the whole game becomes very easy for you.

There are number of many way in the game with the help of them you can all of these things in unlimited supply but you need to be exploratory and we will shall tell you the path.

far cry 4 cheats

Here is a brief guide on what to do and why?

Infinite XP:

First you will need to complete the game of course, and make sure that you have unlocked ‘Death from above’ and ‘heavy take down’. Now you can earn infinite XP from the Pagan’s fortress and all you need to do is go through the front door and then assassinate the heavy soldier. Now you will have to cross the wooden bridge and to take down the soldier at the rooftop. Now take down other heavy soldiers using ‘Death from Above’ skill. Once all of them are dead, go the load menu and choose the ‘Save option’. Now let the enemies kill you. You can also assist them in killing you if you use C4 and RPG etc. Once killed you will respawn right outside the gate of fortress and you get a lot of XP. Repeating the same process gives you more and more XP.

Infinite Money:

Money is another thing you need the most in Kyrat and here is how you can have a hell lots of money.

Complete the first quest in the Ghale homestead and buy a farm. Then on unlocking 1st level perk on the Elephant path you can earn double money on the single ingredient. On the appearance of the garden, pick up the plants and use fast travel to go far places and sell those plants and then fast travel back to the home. Repeat this process as many as times you want and with this you can earn all the money you need to earn on your upgrades in Kyrat.

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