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Far Cry 4 Patch

far cry 4 patch
Written by staff

As we talked in previous articles about the various Far Cry 4 things. We even talked about all the bugs and told you about the fixes though most of them were for the pirated version of the game but who cares when it help the gamers any way.

Talking ahead in this article, we are going to tell you about the patch 1.8.0 which was released in Feb 4th 2015 and is the best patch that solves all the problems and gives you impressive new improvements in the game.

far cry 4 patch

Ok! So let’s have a look on this brilliant Far Cry 4 patch.

Far Cry 4 Patch 1.8.0:

Here are a list of all the new features in this patch.

  1. The customs made maps can now be used in co-op as well as single player campaign.
  2. In a map, where the snow gets de-activated while starting the map from the map editor, this patch fixed that issue very well.
  3. Vista along with snow was not visible in one of the custom maps, this is also fixed in this patch.
  4. Animals have got now an easy and proper way of exiting the gates.
  5. The issue you had with the checkpoint placement is no longer in the game with patch 1.8.0.
  6. Bug in which there was a problem with vehicle placement has also been fixed.
  7. All the bugs have been fixed related to PVP and match making so now you can have better online experience.
  8. There have been many problems regarding spawning in the game and now it’s no longer there.
  9. In-consistent XP counter problem in the load menu was something that really bothered the gamers, but they no longer need to worry because it will be fixed as soon as they do this new patch.
  10. While using Bumb Tool, the map editor in the game will no longer crash.

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