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How to download podcasts from SoundCloud?

how to download podcasts from sound cloud
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Sound cloud is one of the biggest music communities where you can look for any music recording that has ever made. Only problem people face here is that they don’t know how to download tracks from it. Before we tell you how to download podcasts from sound cloud, you should know that you can download a sound from cloud if its host has enabled the download otherwise you will need other tools on the internet by the help of which you can download any track from sound cloud. Some of them are listed below.

how to download podcasts from soundcloud

Try Google Chrome SoundCloud extension to download podcasts:

Extensions are an easy way to download the files from sound cloud and the most used is google chrome sound cloud extension and obviously it should be because google chrome is the most used browser. Ok so go to google and type ‘Google Chrome sound cloud extension’. The 1st search result will be a direct link to the extension app. Open it and click on ‘Add to chrome’ button and this will be added to your browser.

Now downloading from this extension is the easiest. You will automatically get a download button when you play a song so just click the thing.

Use Premiumize to download podcasts from soundcloud:

Premiumize is an online tool that helps you download all the audio music not only from sound cloud but a number of other audio and video providers.

All you’ve got to do this tool is that copy the URL from the website where you are listening the music, here we say it is sound cloud and put it in Premiumize. It will recognize the URL and will provide you with the download link from where you can download our file easily.

Use Sound Loader on an Android to download podcasts:

Downloading music on your android from sound cloud is easier. Just install this app named sound loader and whenever you will open a song in sound cloud, you will get a song download button along with it. This way you can save your phone’s internet data and keep enjoying what you want to listen.

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