The Next Generation iPad Mini: Is it the Best Technological Innovation of the Decade?

All the Apple iPad users are quite brimming with excitement over the recent announcement about the next generation iPad mini. Though the announcement is speculation and not official, it is said that the newest model packs in a lot of new features that are modified and going by company’s records are better than the other iPad phones and Tablet PC. According to the recent reports, the next iPad mini is said to have the screen technology called the GF2, as compared to the GG technology that the other Apple devices have used so far. This will make the device much more light and thin when compared to the other devices.

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The reason for the light weight is also due to the fact that the screen is reducing the power consumption to a significant extent so that a battery of smaller size can be used. It is speculated that the iPad mini might very well come out in a month or two by the end of September and be extremely portable, apart from being excessively light in weight. It is said to come with the regular touch panel that is completely film based, as is there in the current version of the mini iPad. This apart, Nitto Denko Corporation, the company that is behind this latest technology is said to be doubling its touch sensor capacity by December.

next generation apple iPad mini

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The display of the next Mini is speculated to be the regular 9.7 inch display on offer along with thin strips of bezel on both sides of the iPad mini. This will also come packed with stereo speakers. The next gen iPad mini is said to come with a retina display. This display is eluded with high definition in contrast to the lower resolution retina display of the current iPad mini model. This time, the model is said to be produced in bulk so that almost every Apple store gets its share. There is a growing demand of the next generation apple iPad mini and so iPad mini cases of variety of colors will also be offered.

The components that have been used to make the screen of the current mini iPad models have also been modified as well. So they are planning to use the display screen manufactured by Samsung, LG display or AU Optronics, a company based in Taiwan. The companies names are just a speculation and are not confirmed reports. Reports have claimed that Samsung has a better chances than the rest of the companies since the partnership of both these companies go back to a really long time, but has ripen somewhat owing to complicated copyright issues in the last two years. That has left with the choice of Taiwana’s AU Optronics to make a head start in the manufacturing of the next generation iPad mini.

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The newer model seems to be the larger version of the current iPad mini, going by the rumors within Apple and is said to be one of the best innovations of the decade. With so many modifications, already underway, it is sure that the newer version is better than its predecessors, the only question left is:

Is the next iPad mini the best technological innovation of the decade?

We will have to wait to know that.

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