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Best Google Gravity Tricks 2017

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Do you ever get tired of feeling out of the loop compared to more tech-savvy friends?  You would probably like to surprise them for a change, and finally be the person who is more “in the know”.  Try showing them some of the Google gravity tricks we discuss in this article.  Google gravity tricks are fun changes you can make to the Google interface.  Your friends will wonder how you do it!

Let’s get started with our discussion of some of the best Google gravity tricks available today.

Best Google Gravity Tricks

Google Gravity Underwater

google gravity underwater

The Google Gravity Underwater trick lets you see the Google search engine with an oceanic, underwater background.  There will even be fishes swimming in the background, and all the web pages contents float.  The word “Google” is presented backwards in this presentation.  As the Google search bars floats with this trick, it may be a little tricky at first to type in your search keywords but you will eventually get the hang of it.

Google Gravity Underwater is a fun and truly entertaining trick that you can use all the time.  Friends who you know really enjoy swimming, going to the beach, or even just watching shows or looking at pictures of the ocean will probably especially enjoy this trick.  Go to right away if you want to interact with this surprising and fascinating interface.

Google Zero Gravity

google zero gravity

With Google Zero Gravity, all images and text on the page tumbles seemingly magically to the bottom of the screen.  This is meant to be a simulation of what would happen in a condition of zero gravity, hence the trick’s name.  If you enter keywords into the search box when using this trick, the results will fall to the bottom of the screen as well.  People who have never heard of Google gravity tricks before will be especially amazed by this.

You can find the Google Zero Gravity trick at

Google Askew

google askew gravity trick

Do you ever use the word “askew”?  Do your friends?  Google certainly uses it, and in a very witty way.  Google Askew is one of the easiest and most amusing Google gravity tricks out there.  To do the Google askew trick, simply go to and then type the word “askew” in the search bar.  You will find the page itself becomes “askew,” or crooked and slanted.  Maybe hand your tablet or phone to your friends and ask what they think could be happening!  You could possibly have them stumped.

Google Tilt

google gravity tricks Tilt

Another variation of the google askew trick is the “tilt” trick.  Did you ever realize that Google could be this clever?  Most people don’t.  Make sure to surprise your friends with this clever play on words.  Maybe they will think you did something a lot more complicated than just typing “askew” into Google search!

You can find the google tilt here

Google Gravity Mirror

google gravity mirror

Here is another great google gravity trick you can show it to your friends. To experience Google Gravity Mirror, search for the term “Google Gravity mirror” in Google (  Click on the search result.  You will be brought to a page where everything is brought to the bottom by gravity and is backwards.  When you type something into the search box, you will have the challenge of reading backwards.

If you don’t want to search for it on google, here is the link that takes your right to Google gravity mirror trick

Google Mirror

google mirror trick

To experience Google Mirror, search for “Google Mirror” using the Google search engine (  Click on the result.  When you see Google Mirror, you will see all contents presented backwards.  You may type something into the search bar if you wish.  This is a fascinating Google gravity trick that most people will appreciate.

“Recursion” trick

recursion trick

If you enter the word “recursion” in the search box at, Google will indicate a spelling mistake by asking “did you mean ‘recursion’?”  This trick plays on the meaning of the word “recursion” itself.  People who do not know about this trick can really be stumped by this, as they type in the correct spelling of “recursion” over and over again!

You might be amazed by how many people will re-type the word over and over again before they realize what is happening.  Casually ask one of your friends to look up the word “recursion” for you, and see what happens.  Maybe think about dropping them a hint if they start to seem a little too frustrated.  This might be an especially satisfying trick to play on a friend who is a bit of a tech “know it all”!

Rainbow Google

google ranbow trick

Rainbow Google offers a much more colorful Google experience.  It includes every color of the rainbow!  Your search results will be quite colorful, too.  To experience Rainbow Google, go to  Think about using this trick when you want something to brighten your day a little, or if you have a friend who could use a bit of encouragement.

Google Space

google space gravity trick

When you experience Google Space, you will find it has an effect that is opposite to that of Google Gravity.  This is because there is no gravity in space!  With Google Space, all the page contents float.  If you do a search, you will see the results float this way, too.

To experience Google Space, go to  Show this great trick to your friends who are interested in space travel and science.  They will probably wonder how you did it.

Google Sphere

google sphere gravity trick

With Google Sphere, most of the various contents of a normal Google search page spin around in unison, rather like a tornado!  If you hover your mouse over any of them, they will slow down (allowing you to click on whatever you choose).  If you hover over the search box, items will stop moving over it, so that you can easily type in keywords or other search terms.

To experience Google Sphere, go to  The Google Sphere trick has really great effects that will surprise and amaze almost anyone.

Google Guitar

google guitar gravity trick

Google Guitar is an especially fun trick for those of us who play the guitar or are at least interested in maybe learning a few things about it!  With Google Guitar, you will be able to play tunes on the guitar on the Google search page.  You will have the option of playing something you already know or learning something new.  If you want to do a search, simply type your keywords into the search box located beneath the guitar.

To experience Google Guitar, go to  Do you have a friend who plays guitar?  Think about showing them this trick!  They will probably thank you for it.

Google Terminal

google terminal trick

Are you old enough to remember the infamous and tricky MS-DOS system?  If you are feeling nostalgic or simply want to confuse your friends, try the Google Terminal trick!

Go to to experience this trick.  You will find the page contains lots of reminders of the computer systems of the 80s and 90s.  Google Terminal is a really fun trick that many people will find amusing.

Google Loco

google loco trick

To experience Google Loco, go to  You will find this trick is extremely similar to Google Gravity.  All the contents of the page will fall to the bottom. You will be able to carry out a search, if you like.

Barrel Roll

google barrell roll trick

If you want to experience the barrel roll trick, enter “Do a Barrel Roll” in the search box at  Or go straight to the page via this link When you do this, you will find that the Google page rolls around, doing a complete 360 degree turn!  This is a great trick for surprising friends!  They will definitely wonder how you did it.

The Barrel Roll trick is definitely one of the most popular Google gravity tricks currently in circulation, and you will quickly see why when you do it yourself.  Show your friends this trick soon!

Google Pacman

google pacman trick

Do you remember “Pacman”?  If so, Google Pacman is a trick you should try.  Actually, even if you have never played or even heard of Pacman, you would probably enjoy this.  You can go to a Google Pacman page that will allow you to do searches at

If you want the chance to actually play Pacman, go to and press the “Insert Coin” button.  Have fun pretending you’re in a video arcade one Saturday afternoon in the ‘80s or ‘90s!

Google Flat Fall

google flat fall gravity trick

Google Flat Fall is very similar to the trick called simply “Google Gravity” we discussed earlier.  You will find that all of the page’s content (including the results of your search results) falls to the bottom of the screen with this trick.  To experience Google Flat Fall, go to

Zerg Rush

google zerg rush gravity trick

google zerg rush

If you type “Zerg Rush” into the search box at, you will be surprised by red circles falling from near the top of the page and coming from the sides!  These strange circles eventually push the search results further and further down.  These circles are actually there so that you can play a game called “Zerg Rush”.

Go to for instructions on how to play this game.  Friends who love learning and playing new games will probably especially enjoy this trick.

Chuck Norris Google Trick

google chuck norris trick

To do the Chuck Norris Google trick, type “find Chuck Norris” in the Google search box at Google will respond, “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.”

This is a play on popular jokes about the actor.  Use this trick to surprise any of your friends who have heard of Chuck Norris (or at least Chuck Norris jokes)!

Google Black

google black trick


The Google Black trick makes all the colors on the search page inverted.  When using the Google Black trick, to revert to the usual Google colors press the “Google Search” button under the search box, and to invert the colors, press “I’m feeling lucky.”

To experience the Google Black trick, go to  Why is this trick called “Google Black”?  We’re not sure!  But it’s certainly fun.


google mentalplex trick

One of the reasons why MentalPlex is unique is because it was originally created as an April Fool’s Day trick.  To see the MentalPlex trick, go to  When Google used the MentalPlex trick several years ago, they asked the user to “mentally project” an image of their desired search terms to the search engine.  Google then presented humorous responses.

The trick is very funny in that it shows when people are gullible enough to believe that Google can mind read.  Google is certainly a very useful tool, but it is not able to do that (thank goodness)!

Super Mario Brothers

google super mario brothers trick

This trick was created by Google as a sort of tribute to the iconic video game, Super Mario Brothers.  If you and your friends are old enough to have played and enjoyed this Nintendo video game as children, you will probably really like this Google trick.

Go to, and type “Super Mario Bros” into the search box.  You will see some information appear under images on the right-hand side of the page.  Within this, you will notice there is a golden button containing a question mark.  Click on this question mark button to hear nostalgic noises from the original Super Mario Brothers games!  The Super Mario Brothers Google trick is great for anyone who loves video games or things vintage.


google klingon trick

If you have friends who are Star Trek fans, you’ll really surprise and delight them with this Google trick.  If you go to, you will have what appears to be a Google page for Klingons (in the Star Trek Klingon language)!

Instead of “Google Search,” you will see “GoogleDaq yinej” (Klingon for Google search).  Your friends will be amazed.  After all, you can say, who could ever have guessed that Klingons use Google, too?

Google Doodles

google doodles trick

Pretty much everyone has seen the various Google “doodles” that appear on the search screen at different times of the year, but did you know that there is any easy way to see all the Google doodles going back to 1998?  All you need to do is click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option on the Google search page ( without having anything at all in the search box.  You will immediately be brought to a page ( with the full collection of doodles listed.

Google Doodles is a great trick for anyone interested in Google and the history of the internet.  Seeing all the various Google Doodles from over the years can remind and even teach you a bit about history generally, too.


google 42 trick

If you and your friends are fans of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you will definitely appreciate this Google trick.  When you type “the answer to life, the universe and everything” into the Google search box (at, you will be amazed to see a calculator appear on the screen which indicates that the number 42 is the answer to these questions!  You can then actually use this calculator for whatever other computations you wish (

This is a great trick to use for surprising friends.  They will really wonder how you did it!  Who would have guessed that Google really knew everything, including the meaning of life.  And who could possibly have thought it would be so simple.

Nagging Rams

google nagging rams trick

This is a very amusing trick that will make you and your friends laugh!  Do you know what an anagram is?  An anagram occurs when you rearrange a word’s letters, to create a different word.  Google plays on this meaning in the Nagging Rams trick.  When you search for “anagram” at, Google rearranges the letters of the word and asks if you actually want to search for the term, “nag a ram”!

We think this is one of the cutest and funniest Google tricks currently available.  Ask your friend to look up “anagram” for you on Google and watch their reaction to the trick.


have gmail do the laundry

Yes, Google has a good sense of humor!  Not only that, it definitely wants to make life easier for all of us.  If you look at the “suggest a feature” page that is provided in Gmail (, you will find that in the list of possibilities is that of “Have Gmail do the laundry.”

Walking to Mordor

the shire to mordor

This is a great Google trick that you can use to surprise your friends who are fans of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings.  In Google Maps (, if you request directions for walking to Mordor from Rivendell or The Shire, you will be provided with a warning!  Google obviously wants to make sure that we all stay safe.  Isn’t it amazing how many clever little things Google thinks of?

Note: Google has since taken the warning off the page now.


google kerning trick

Do you know what a “kerning” is?  A kerning is the space that exists between typed letters.  Google plays on the meaning of this word in one of its amusing tricks.  When you type and enter the word “kerning” in Google search (, you will see that Google adjusts the spacing between that word’s letters, making it difficult from other words in the search results.

You need to be pretty discerning to notice this, but once you do it is quite amusing.  Think about using this trick with a friend who thinks he or she knows everything there is to know about fonts!

Street View Team

Have you ever been fascinated by the fact that people are sometimes inadvertently caught in Google Street View pictures of various locations.  It’s strange to think of a person being seemingly forever frozen in time in front of a location on Google Street View!  Google has obviously thought of this, too, as you will see when you look at the Street View picture for the Googleplex headquarters near Mountain View, California.

This picture features a large number of Google employees holding up a sign expressing their love for their employer!  Can you imagine how funny and odd it would be if every Google Street View picture looked like this?  Google Street View is found at

Note: this picture is no longer available

Google Snake Game

google snake gravity game trick

The Google Snake Game is yet another very amusing Google gravity trick.  As indicated by its name, this trick allows you to play an actual game.  It’s quite fun, and helps to pass the time when you’re waiting for an appointment or doing one of the other many boring things required in life!

Go to to experience the Google Snake Game.  Google Snake Game is a cute and interactive Google trick that all your friends will love and probably use frequently.

Annoying Google

annoying google trick

Do you ever feel annoyed by people who type with a haphazard mixture of upper and lower-case characters and incorrect spacing?  If you’re like most of us, the answer is yes.  Believe it or not, the Google search engine seems to feel exactly the same way!

With the Annoying Google trick, you will have the chance to maybe give a subtle hint to a good friend.  Find Annoying Google at

Google Zipper

google zipper trick

With the Google Zipper trick, you will see the normal Google search page be seemingly magically zipped in two.  Go to to experience this fun and amusing trick.  You will need to use your mouse to click on the top of the zipper and then pull it down, to undo the zipper and split the page in two.  The page will then reload so that you can unzip it again.

Google Zipper is a fun trick when you want some mindless entertainment!  Google Zipper will also give you practice in reading backwards, as when you type in your search terms they will be entered that way (if you decide to do a search).  Make sure to show Google Zipper to your friends.

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