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Free Music Download Apps

best free music download apps
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Are you a music fan?  If the answer is yes, this article is for you.  Below, we will discuss some of the best free music download apps available today.

best free music download apps

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Free Music Download Apps


SoundCloud is an especially popular Android app, with millions of users.  It is user-friendly, and has a colorful and organized design.  The app can use your established preferences to recommend artists and tracks that are new to you, and is organized into various play stations.  You will find that SoundCloud makes it easy to discover tracks, as well as share your selections with your friends.  The app provides music in a wide variety of genres.  If you find a track you want to listen to later, you can mark it by liking it.  One of SoundCloud’s greatest strengths is its ability to help you find currently trending music.

SoundCloud allows you to sign in using your Google+ or Facebook account.  This app facilitates the sharing and interacting with friends.  SoundCloud gives ability to skip, pause, and even play songs from your phone’s lock screen.  SoundCloud provides a simple process for creating playlists for a wide variety of occasions.  You can download this amazing app at the Google Play Store.

MP3 Music Download

This Android app provides the ability to download more than one MP3 file simultaneously.  MP3 Music Download makes it easy to search for specific artists and tracks.  All of the music available on this app is CC-licensed (has Creative Commons Attribution), and is in the public domain.  MP3 Music Download is very user-friendly, and is an especially great app for people who are fans of indie and upcoming artists and their music.  The app makes it easy to carry out searches of music files, and to download your selections.

With MP3 Music Download, you can find ringtones you love and set up your own personal playlists.  The music files on this app are very high quality, and you’ll find that downloading is a very fast process.  MP3 Music Download can be downloaded at the Google Play Store right now.

Free MP3 Downloads

This Android app is user-friendly and intuitively designed.  All of the songs that you will find using this app is properly licensed in the “free to use” category, and comes from a specific website,  You will find that one of the tabs in this app is called “Download.”  On this tab, you will be able to search for the songs or artists of your choice.  It is easy to select the track you wish to download to your device.  You will discover that the app has a special “Listen” tab.  Go to this when you want to enjoy the tracks that you have downloaded.  With Free MP3 Downloads, the tracks you download will be saved to the SD card in your device.  The file will be called “music-freeMP3Downloads.”

This great app is available to use in several different languages, including English, Lithuanian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Indonesian.  Free MP3 Downloads is a great choice for people who prefer Indie and upcoming artists and their music.  You may download Free MP3 Downloads at the Google Play Store as soon as you’d like.

RockMyRun—Best Workout Music

This is the perfect Android app for people who like listening to music while working out (especially running).  You will find it simple and easy to create your own playlists.  You can make one for each kind of workout you do, or different moods.  RockMyRun—Best Workout Music is very popular, and has been praised and discussed in various media outlets.  The makers of this wonderful app have had experts choose the music best for helping one get and stay motivated, and the app will automatically give you the tracks you need to push through your workout.  You can set a specific tempo or heart rate at which you want to stay, and have that reflected in the music.

When you download and sign up for RockMyRun, you will enjoy a free trial of the service.  After that, you will have only limited access unless you upgrade to a paid membership.  RockMyRun is unique, useful, and user-friendly, and may be downloaded from the Google Play Store right now.

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

This Android app is easy to use, and offers a quick and easy downloading process.  It has a search bar in which you can quickly type the song, album, or artist you want to find.  Streaming songs through SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader is just as simple as downloading tracks through it.

SoundCloud Song MP3 Downloader is designed and organized in an intuitive way, and is a good choice for many music enthusiasts.  You can download SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader here.


4Shared is a user-friendly Android music download app.  When using this app, it is easy to upload files and share music files with friends.  In the search bar, you can type in keywords to look for the music, videos, pictures, or other files you hope to find.  With this app, you can readily see the files that are currently trending.

You can also find and download games and other fun apps, and even books.  4Shared has more than 30 million files ready for you to download and enjoy.  If you would like, you can also find more information on this app at its website,  You can download this app on Google Play.


Gaana (Bollywood Music & Radio) is a great choice of music download app for fans of Bollywood, various kinds of Indian regional music, Radio Mirchi, and other similar genres, or those who want to discover these genres.  This app is known for its amazing selection of songs (more than 10 million).  The app will allow you to see the lyrics of songs you choose.  Not only that you can enjoy several Radio Mirchi stations and other radio venues.

If you wish, you can save the artists, albums, songs, and playlists (made by both users like you and experts) you like best.  You can also create your own playlists.  With Gaana, you can listen to the songs you download when offline, at your convenience.  While this app is free to download, you may be required to purchase a subscription.  You can download this great app at the Google Play Store as soon as you would like.

Wynk Music

This app is free for the first month of use.  This is a great app for people who are fans of international (especially Indian) music.  You will find music in many different genres including, for example, Bollywood, Romantic, Tamil songs, Bhangra Devotional, Rock, Old Romantic retro, and pop.  The app will allow you to save music in your smartphone’s memory and listen to it whenever you wish.  If you are a fan of Hindi films, you will be pleased to learn that this app will give you the chance to download and enjoy tracks from popular movies in that genre.

With Wynk Music, you will be able to create your own playlists.  You can also peruse other playlists that the app will recommend for you.  Wynk will let you stream songs with no interruptions from annoying ads, and has good sound quality.  It will also allow you to set a ring back tone for your phone based on any song.  You can download this fun app here.


This very popular Android app is user-friendly and intuitively designed.  It offers more than 30 million songs.  If you want an ad-free experience, you can subscribe to the premium (paid) membership.  The premium option also lets you stream to a large number of different devices.

You can also play your downloaded songs while offline.  Napster also gives you the ability to quickly find new music enjoyed by users who share your musical tastes.  With this app, it is easy to find out what music is currently trending around the world.   Download this excellent app from the  Google Play Store.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is an app that is generally presented in a sort of “radio” format, with stations.  You can browse selections by genre, album, artist, song, decade, or mood.  Google Play will give you the chance to upload songs from your own digital collection (as many as 50,000), and you will have access to a huge variety (millions) of song selections on demand.  Experts have decided on the content of each of the stations, making sure that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.  Google Play will discern your general taste, and give you recommendations you will enjoy.

This app will additionally let you find and subscribe to podcasts that interest you, and you can listen to music on Android, iOS, and the internet directly.  If you wish to upgrade to a paid membership at any point, you can sign onto one (such as the family plan).  Google Play Music can be downloaded at the Google Play Store.

MP3 Music Downloader

MP3 Music Downloader is a user-friendly Android app.  It allows you to easily download music and save it to the SD card in your device.  When you want to access your music, you simply need to find the downloader folder.  MP3 Music Downloader makes it easy to search for the artists and songs you want to hear.

This app offers songs in a wide variety of genres, and provides fast downloading.  MP3 Music Downloader offers good sound quality, and lets you view album art.  You might have to deal with annoying ads if you use this app.   You can download MP3 Music Downloader at Google Play.

Radio Player by Audials

If you’re a radio fan or just curious about what can be found in that venue, Radio Player by Audials is the perfect choice of Android music download app for your device.  One of the characteristics of this wonderful app that makes it unique is that it is able to connect with large numbers (numerous thousands) of radio stations, and lets you “record” (or download) that music to your device for later listening.

The radio stations that you can access in this way through Radio Player by Audials have their origins in many different countries around the world.  Radio Player by Audials is very user-friendly and well-designed, and you will pick up how to navigate it quickly.  You should know that Radio Player by Audials will give you the opportunity to set up future recordings, just in case you happen to forget at the time.  If you are specifically a fan of UK radio, you will likely be thrilled to learn that this app provides access to many British stations, such as KISS, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 live, talkSport, and others.

With Radio Player by Audials, you will find it a quick and easy process to move between and among different radio stations, and the app even lets you set up a clock radio function.  This latter feature even has a sleep timer.  In addition to music from a wide variety of radio stations, this app also provides the chance to download and listen to fascinating podcast on various subjects that are likely to interest you (there are in excess of 100,000 of these available).  You can rest assured that Radio Player by Audial offers great sound quality, and provides an equalizer function that lets you adjust the sound.

If you’re not already familiar with the world of radio, Radio Player by Audials will help you find the best stations for you.  It does this by prompting you to type in the name of your favorite music genre or artist, to get a sense of your musical taste.  Radio Player by Audials can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Palco MP3

Palco is an amazing Android app for people who love or are interested in discovering independent Brazilian musicians and their work.  The app offers music in a wide variety of different genres, with a tremendous number of artists.  You will be able to find and download tracks to listen to later, make your own playlists, and stream content from radio stations.  If you wish, you can view the lyrics of each song you listen to with this user-friendly app.  Palco also makes it easy to share the songs you love with others.

This app will even give you the opportunity to learn all about the artist, providing fascinating information.  Palco is a colorful app that is a pleasure to use.  You can download Palco at Google Play.

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is an amazingly helpful and convenient Android app for people who love finding, downloading, and enjoying music.  With this app, you will be able to download as many as three different files at the same time.  Both MP3s and MP4s can be downloaded and enjoyed with this app.

Advanced Download Manager gives you the opportunity to make custom settings regrading the exact way the files are downloaded.  This includes the number of files that can be downloaded at the same time, as well as the specific download speed.  You will find that downloading the files of your choice is fast, simple, and easy with Advanced Download Manager.

When you want to search for a song, you can do so using the user-friendly browser provided in the app.  One of the best features of Advanced Download Manager is the fact that it uses a technique called multithreading to make downloading fast.  This app also provides support for files that exceed two gigabytes, and makes life easier and more convenient by automatically resuming downloads that have been interrupted.

Advanced Download Manager provides both music and video downloaders, making this app extremely versatile and useful.  This app provides various themes from which to choose, as well as other aspects of interface customization, allowing for a more personalized and friendly experience.  It will allow you to save files of different types in different folders for your convenience and to increase your level of organization, and makes it easy to select the folders for the files you download.

If you often tend to be in a hurry when downloading, you will be pleased to learn that Advanced Download Manager, even with its usual already very fast download speeds, provides a turbo mode for even more efficient processing.  If Advanced Download Manager senses that your battery is getting low, it has an auto-stop process you can use.  While Advanced Download Manager offers many wonderful options and functions, it is very simple and easy to use.  It provides an attractive interface, and has a user-friendly context menu.  You will be able to sort your downloads by name, order, or size, and use other favorite apps on your phone to open files.

This app will allow you to pause, resume, and restart your downloads whenever you wish.  When downloads are complete, you can be notified by vibration or sound, depending on your settings.  The simple progress bar you will find at the top of the program window will make it easy to see how your downloads are doing.  Advanced Download Manager can be downloaded at Google Play.

Spotify Music

Spotify Music is without question one of the most popular and well-respected music streaming and downloading apps available, and has millions of users and fans.  This app allows you to easily search for your favorite songs and artists completely free of charge, and readily stream and enjoy them on your smartphone or other mobile device.

Spotify Music will allow you to create your own convenient and personalized playlists, and with this app you can listen to your music selections on shuffle mode.  If you wish, you can ask Spotify Music for personalized artist and song recommendations based on your personal preferences, or other specifications such as mood.  If you wish to download songs for later (offline) listening and/or have ad-free service, you can do so if you sign up for Spotify’s popular premium (paid) subscription.

The paid service also offers sound quality that it even better than that provided by the free subscription (which is already more than respectable).  Spotify Music is a very user-friendly and beautifully designed app that you will love using.  You can download Spotify Music at the Google Play Store.

Anghami—Free Unlimited Music

This wonderful Android app is especially useful for people who love or want to discover various kinds of Arabic music.  It is especially popular with Middle Eastern users, but can be enjoyed by people all over the world.  While you will probably have to deal with a few annoying ads, this app is fun to use and makes it easy to get help and support when it is needed.

With the Anghami app, you can even make your own music videos, using a program called Expressions.  Anghami has a wide variety of music videos available for you to watch, as well as a huge variety of songs and artists.  If you wish, you can have the app give you specific music recommendations on the basis of your preferred genre, mood, or activity.  Anghami’s many playlists are what helps to make this possible.

This app will also allow you to create your own personal library of music, and to share your favorite songs with people on various social networks (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp).  If you decide you would really prefer to enjoy the service without ads, you will have the option of subscribing to the reasonably priced paid subscription level of service.  Anghami offers very good sound quality (pure Dolby) while using only a small amount of data on your smartphone.

If you live in the Middle East, you will be pleased to know that you will be able to listen to both international and Arabic music on this app.  People outside of the Middle East must stay within the Arabic music category.  You can download Anghami at the Google Play Store.


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