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Clock Kid – Ahmed’s family looking for $15 million

Clock Kid - Ahmed's family looking for $15 million
Image courtesy Affairs today
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Most of us are familiar with the story of Ahmed the Clock Kid, previously this current year he was arrested by the police under the apprehension of creating a “hoax bomb” that ended up to be emerging as an ordinary clock.

Clock Kid – Ahmed’s family looking for $15 million:

Clock Kid - Ahmed's family looking for $15 million

Image courtesy Affairs today

The moment, one of the teachers at his institution claimed that he have supported Ahmed’s creation and said it resembled almost a bomb. However, Ahmed’s family has now hired a legal adviser, with their lawyer saying that school authorities never considered the clock as an explosive system and that the second teacher didn’t treat the clock as though it was threatening.

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The teacher escorted Ahmed to the Principal’s office, where he was greeted by 5 police officers, the principal and the vice principal, the cops asked Ahmed a handful of questions. During that time, Ahmed wasn’t permitted to contact his parents by any means, and he was compelled to sign a letter of confession as he was threatened with expulsion. Ahmed’s household moved home to Qatar last month, but they want to return.

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They wrote a letter to the mayor and the Irving police chief as well for demanding a $15 million and along with it a written apology from the cops.

What do you think is that all is just a game to get some bucks from the government or racism is really flourishing all across the United States. Aware us with your opinion below, in the comments.

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