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Fix iPhone 6 stuck in Headphone mode

tricks to fix iphone 6 stuck in headphone mode
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Previously if you happened to encounter my article in which I talked about the problem such as this. It was iPhone 5 being stuck in headphone mode and I also told you some fixes for it. Here we are again to talk about the same problem which is iPhone 6 stuck in headphone mode.

This could happen due to numerous reasons and can be fixed using different techniques. Not everyone technique works for everyone. That’s why I will show various techniques that might fix the problem for you.

Q-Tip technique for iPhone 6 stuck in headphone mode:

This is the most common technique which everyone would use to solve the problems. Most people do know about this tech. In this you will need to take a stick commonly named ‘Q-tip’ whose both ends are covered with cotton. Hold the phone in your hand and put one end of the stick in the headphone jack and rotate it. If the problem happened due to the jack’s pins being stuck due to some reason that they would come to their place with this. And this would solve the problem for you. You can also try soaking cotton with a little methylene etc.

tricks to fix iphone 6 stuck in headphone mode

Restarting might help:

Try restating your phone by holding Home button and Power button one after another and wait. Wait till the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears. After the phones restarts, this should fix the issue.

Airplane mode:

Putting your phone on the airplane mode might do some good. Put your smartphone to airplane mode and wait for at least 15 mins. Then return to the normal mode. Believe it or not this simple method really helped some people.

Restoring the settings:

You can also fix the bug by restoring your phone to factory settings. Go to settings > Reset settings > restore all the settings, cache etc. If it happened due to some software issue then this will surely solve the problem for you.

Some other related fixes:

So I thought that in this important post you should know something else too. Now here in this article am also going to mention some other important tricks to turn off headphone mode in iPhone 6.

1 Always make sure that mute mode is disabled. Sometimes mute is activated and the users are not known by the issue. So that’s why they get the problem while the fix is on their fingertip.
To do this, check on the left side of your phone to see if this is the case. There is a button called hardware switch which lies just above the volume controls. Now if that button is orange that means that mute is enabled on your device. You can toggle to change the switch into disabled mute mode and then turn on again. Here you need it off so switch it to off. This way your iPhone 6 stuck in headphone mode problem can be tackled.

2. Another solution is also the easy one but works only if you managed to keep the original enhancement safe all this time. This is destined to work with the original headphone enhancement given in the phone pack.

Now insert the headphones gently in the jack. Make sure that the complete pin synchronizes with the headphone jack of your iPhone and it is not lose at all. Repeat this procedure a couple of times until the problem gets fixed. If not then move forward with the guide.

3. Blowing air in the headphone jack can be a good fix to the stuck problem. Here, this time you’ve got to do it with a can that contains compressed air.

Take the can that contains compressed and blow with some power in the headphone jack. This is very useful trick to blowout or clean any dirt from the jack and hence this could really solve your problem. Let us know in the feedback if it worked at all so the other users also try it and we can know the validity of the tricks.

4. Turned on Bluetooth may also be one of the reasons that this problem might occur. So it is really necessary that your Bluetooth should be turned off when your iPhone gets stuck in the headphone mode. You can turn off your Bluetooth while following the steps below if you are a new Apple user. 1. Go to Settings in your Apple iPhone 6. 2. To find Bluetooth, go to the general settings and lookout for Bluetooth settings. 3. Once found turn the Bluetooth off by swiping the switch to the left side making it grey. When your Bluetooth goes off, your problem which is iPhone 6 stuck in headphone mode will get fixed.

5. Sometimes it might occur due to the several soft or hardware bugs that could only be fixed the makers or Apple professionals on different Apple franchises all around your country. So if none of the solutions from this guide help you (though they should), take your iPhone to the nearest Apple franchise and hand it over to a professional to get the problem fixed for you. In Warranty there are chances that they might also send your phone to company to fix the issue or also replace with a new one.

Some other solutions:

These solutions appeared from the user experience accidently of after some thinking. Noticeable thing is that it worked. These solutions might seem funny but you won’t believe that they worked.

  • Start a call with your headphones on and during call, pull out the headphones at once. There is a possibility that your speaker might start working.
  • If it happened due to the water damage then try putting your phone in a bad of rice for few nights. This might seems funny but it really worked for the person who shared his experience on Apple forums.

This was all for this time. Hope one of these solutions will work for you and I will be back soon with some other of your problems. Till then, stay tuned to AGEEKY.

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