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How To Get HTTPS Support For Any Blogger

https for blogger
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Today, we let to know you guys a secret tip that how you get HTTPS support for your bloggers, even those bloggers whose running on the Blogspot domain as it is officially restricted that no extra services have been applied to such bloggers as mentioned in Google policies. Service is an efficient thing that saves your blog with any sorts of problems, i.e. no hacks, provide security encryption at no cost and lots more. However, now come towards the tip, which you can apply over your Blogspot domain running bloggers.

https for blogger

Step By Step Guidance

Step 1:

First you have to sign in into your account based on blogger, click on Settings where it shows you various options in a form of the sidebar where the click on Basic.

Step 2:

After clicking, go to Yes option, wait till it saves.

Step 3:

After it, simply wait for a while as it sends the direct request to the community and it would work for you automatically. So, let’s start blogging and gets extra fun as paid domains.

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