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Best Free Movie Apps For Android And iOS

best free movie apps
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Do you enjoy watching movies on your smartphone, iPhone, or other portable device, or do you want to try this in the future?  If your answer to either of these questions is yes, you have come to the right place!  Here we will provide a detailed list of some of the best free movie apps available.

best free movie apps

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Best Free Movie Apps

1. Viewster

Viewster is one of the most popular and easiest to use free movie apps available.  It allows you to watch any of’s vast variety of movies.  The site has movies from every genre imaginable, including Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Classics, Documentary, Animation, Family, and many more.  The app works with Google Chromecast, so you can choose to view the movie on a larger screen (such as your TV at home).  Viewster is especially valued by Anime enthusiasts, as the app offers both classic and simulcast Anime shows.  This app can be used to watch the most popular TV shows.  To download the Viewster app, go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Once you have done that, select “Mobile Apps” or “Other Apps.”  You will be given the option to download via Google Play or the Apple App Store.  Viewster is a reliable and attractively designed app, and is sure to give you a dynamic movie watching experience.

Download Viewster:

For Android

For iOs

2. Cinema Box

Cinema Box (formerly known as Play Box HD before improvements were made) is a very popular free movie app available in both Android and iPhone/iPad/iOS formats.  It offers an incredible variety of popular and entertaining movies and TV series, including a good selection of Anime shows and cartoons.  The app provides fast streaming, and lets you watch your selected movies with an HD quality picture.  Cinema Box gives you the chance to view brand new movies and TV shows that have just been shown on screen or TV.  If you do not wish to stream immediately, you will be able to download your selection and watch it later at your own convenience.  Cinema Box has offerings in more than 20 different genres.  The app has daily updates, ensuring you always have access to the latest movies and TV shows.  This app offers the option of adding subtitles in a variety of different languages (including English).  Cinema Box is available for download at Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Download Cinema Box:

For Android

For iOS

3. PopcornFlix

Popcornflix is available for download at both Google Play and the Apple App Store.  The app offers the chance to stream movies from a variety of different genres including, for example, Drama, Action, Comedy, Family, Foreign Films, Documentaries, and others.  You will be able to browse the movies by genre.  This app has more than 700 movies available for you to view.  When you select a movie, you will see a written description of the film, as well as a list of actors and actresses in it.  You can opt to watch it immediately, or “Add to Queue” (watch later).

Download PopcornFlix

4. Crackle

Crackle is one of the most popular and prevalent movie apps available.  It can be downloaded and used on both Android and iOS devices, as well as other electronics (such as gaming consoles).  With the iOS version used on an iPhone, you will find you’re not required to sign in whenever you want to stream a movie.  Crackle offers an outstanding variety of popular movies and TV series ready for you to stream and enjoy.   Movie genres include Comedy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, Drama, Documentary, Thriller, and several others.  Crackle also has a small selection of Cracker Original productions for you to view.  The Crackle app can be downloaded through Google Play or the Apple App Store, and has a quick and easy registration process.

Download Crackle

5. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a very user-friendly and well-designed free movie app.  It gives you the opportunity to readily stream and enjoy a dizzying array of movies and TV shows from many different genres.  The app also gives you information on each’s movie’s rating, genre, duration, and release date.  The movies are shown in HD, ensuring an excellent viewing experience. You can download Tubi TV via Google Play or the Apple App Store to your Android or iOS device.  This app can also be used on Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, and other types of devices.

Download Tubi TV

6. MegaBox HD

This app is for Android devices only.  With MegaBox HD, you can choose to download or stream movies (in HD) and TV shows.  You can decide whether you want to watch your selections in 360p, 720p, or 1080p.  MegaBox HD is continually being updated, so you’re very likely to find the most recent movies and TV shows for your enjoyment.  MegaBox HD is easy to use and well-designed, and allows you to sort results and do searches based on popularity, rating, genre, and other criteria.  This app allows you to use Chromecast to watch the movies you download or stream on a larger screen (such as your TV).  To install the Mega Box HD app, go to and follow the instructions set out there.

Download Mega HD

7. Yidio

Yidio is a beautifully designed and very user-friendly app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as Amazon Kindle, Windows Phone, and other products.  Yidio is unique in that it sometimes directs you to install additional apps in order to watch specific movies or shows (examples of these other apps might include Hulu and Crackle).  Yidio allows you to sort movies by source, genre, MPAA rating, or date of premiere.  You can download Yidio at Google Play, the Apple App Store, or

Download Ydio:

For Android

For iOS

8. ShowBox

ShowBox is an extremely popular app.  It is easy to use, and provides fast and reliable movie streaming.  The app also allows downloading of movies too, in case you want to enjoy them later while offline.  Visit for instructions on how to download this exciting and well-designed app.

Download ShowBox

9. Free Movies

Free Movies is an app for Android devices.  It provides overviews and descriptions of more than 5,000 movies.  This app is useful for finding the movies that you want to find and watch using other applications.  The films in the Free Movies database are from many different genres, including Drama, Musical, Sci-Fi, Western, horror, History, Mystery, and others.  You can download this app from Google Play.

Dowload Free Movies

10. Top Movies Like

Top Movies Like is a great app to use when you can’t decide on a movie.  This app will assist you in discovering movies that have similarities to ones you have seen and liked in the past.  Type the title of one of your favorite movies in the search bar, and then go through the results that will inform you of movies with similarities to it.  If you are interested in any of the results, simply click on the movie title.  This will bring you to a synopsis of the story, rating, run time, and other information that will help you decide whether it will be worth your while to search for this movie and watch it using another app.  The Top Movies Like search page is located at:

Download  Top Movies Like

11. IMDb Movies & TV

IMDb Movies & TV can be found and downloaded at Google Play.  This app will let you search for movies and TV titles.  You are very likely to find what you are looking for as IMDb has in excess of three million of them in its database.  This app will also let you quickly and easily find fascinating information about directors and stars.  IMDb Movies & TV will give you access to movie trailers for current and upcoming movies, critic reviews, and show times.  You can use IMDb Movies & TV to create a useful watch list of movies you want to view and enjoy in the future, and to contribute to the IMDb community by rating movies you have viewed in the past.

Dowload IMDb Movies 


While this app is generally a paid service, you can enjoy 30 days of use free of charge.  This app is a wonderful find for anyone who loves indie (independent) movies.  It allows you to stream countless high-quality movies, has its own community, and offers lots of resources for the discerning movie enthusiast.


13. Moviefone

The Moviefone app can be readily downloaded from Google Play.  This app gives you access to comprehensive information on movie reviews, movie news, trailers, theater listings, movie times, and more.  It will assist you in finding where you can view and enjoy the movies of your choice, both online and in person.  Moviefone has a highly entertaining series of interviews with actors and actresses called “Unscripted,” which can be streamed.

Download Moviefone

14. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is an extremely popular, premium quality free movie app.  It is compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle, Xbox 360, and other devices.  It can be readily downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store.  SnagFilms allows for fast and easy streaming of popular movies.  It is a beautifully designed, user-friendly app.  You may easily browse movie options, and the app can give you personalized recommendations.  SnagFilms offers movies and shows in a wide variety of genres (some of them highly specialized), such as: Classics, Documentaries, Romance, Comedy, Drama, LGBT, Health & food, African Movies, Biography, Action Movies, Foreign, Arts and Culture, Cult Classics, Bollywood, and numerous others.

Dowload Snagfilms:

For Android

For iOS

15. Bobby Movie Box

Bobby Movie Box is an excellent app available exclusively to users of Apple devices.  It offers HD picture quality, and is very easy to use.  Bobby Movie Box is considered a good option for iPhone users who had difficulties using Movie Box.  Bobby’s Movie Box offers outstanding picture quality, and the app generally is constantly being improved.  This app gives you the ability to bookmark movies you wish to watch later.

Download Bobby Movie Box

16. Movies by Flixster

This extremely popular app can be readily downloaded from Google Play.  Movies by Flixster gives you the opportunity to watch a wide variety of exciting movie trailers, and provides useful information (such as Rotten Tomatoes Scores).  Use this app to look up theaters near you, as well as movie listings, and search for movies by review or rating.  If you wish, you can even use Google Voice Search in doing your searches.  Movies by Flixster gives you access to amazing movie photos not seen anywhere else!  This app even facilitates the purchase of movie tickets through a service called Fandango.

Download Flixter

17. Watch Movies + Subtitles Free

This app can be downloaded from Google Play.  Watch Movies + Subtitles Free allows you to view and enjoy movies in HD quality.  This app’s special feature is the attention paid to subtitles.  If you cannot find what you are looking for in that area, you can make a request to the administrators of the app.  Watch Movies + Subtitles Free offers a large selection of films for you to watch and enjoy entirely free of charge.

Download Watch Movies + Subtitles Free

18. Free Full Movies

If you love Bollywood movies, you will probably like the Free Full Movies app by AppRoach.  This app can be found and downloaded on Google Play.  A completely free service, this app makes it quick and easy to find movies in several different languages, including Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi, Tamil, Hindi, Bhojpuri, and several others, on YouTube.

Download Free Full Movies

19. Vudu

Vudu is an attractively designed and user-friendly app available for download at Google Play and the Apple App Store.  It can be successfully used on both Android and iOS devices.  Vudu allows you to easily find new and popular movies and TV series episodes, and many “binge watchers” love viewing entire seasons of TV programs using this app.  Vudu has an extraordinary variety and number of offerings, superior even to many subscription services.  Vudu ensures fast and easy streaming or downloading, and you can even use it with Google Chomecast to watch the movie or show of your choice on a larger screen (such as your TV at home).  The membership and use of Vudu is free, but there are charges for individual movies and programs you want to view and enjoy. Vudu is great for teens.

Download Vudu:

For Android

For iOS

20. Hubi

If you enjoy watching movies on the Putlocker streaming site, this app is for you.  Hubi is the app counterpart of Putlocker.  Hubi is compatible with Android devices, and allows you to share links to your favorite selections with friends.  Hubi does present ads, but you will the ability to remove them.  This app makes it easy to keep a record of selections you have recently watched.

Dowload Hubi

21. Streaming Movies

Streaming Movies by Appmovement is a very good movie streaming app.  It is free of annoying ads, and has an excellent selection of foreign movies.  This app has movies in a wide variety of genres, such as Mystery, Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Western, Horror, and others.  You will have access to cast lists and movie trailers.  Streaming Movies can be downloaded from Google Play, and is compatible with Android devices.

Not Available Anymore

22. Can I

Can I Stream It? is compatible with Android devices, and is available for download at Google Play.  This app quickly and easily searches content libraries for the movie or show you want to watch (content libraries include, for example, Netflix, Redbox, iTunes, and Hulu.  Once Can I Stream It? has found the app or site through which you can stream your movie or show, you will be all set to view and enjoy your selection.  This app is very user-friendly and intuitive in design, and has useful features like the ability to set reminders.

Download Can I

23. MAX GO

This app by Cinemax is a movie streaming app compatible with Android devices.  It is free if you have a Cinemax subscription with a television provider, and is only available in the U.S. (and specific U.S. territories).  MAX GO provides an excellent selection of movies, including both highly popular Hollywood movies and independent films.  You can create your own watch list, and easily share your updates with friends on Twitter and Facebook.  New movies are always being added to MAX GO’s already extensive collection.

Download Max Go

24. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an app compatible with both Android and iOS devices.  It is very user-friendly, and will allow you to both stream and download movies completely free of charge.  This app’s services are continually growing, and it provides good picture quality.  If you want, you can upgrade from the free service to the app’s premium service sometime in the future.

Download Popcorn Time:

For Android

For iOS

25. Cinema Cloud

Cinema Cloud is an app specifically intended for use on iOS devices.  It provides free movie streaming, with picture quality that is best on larger iPhone models and iPads.  Each movie and TV program episode has 10 servers, ensuring fast, quality streaming and service.  You can download Cinema Cloud from iTunes or the Apple App Store.

Download Cinema Cloud

26. Big Star Movies

Big Star Movies is an app compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as Roku.  To download the app, go to and click on “Get App” under the device you plan to use.  You will be directed to iTunes or Google Play to download the app.  When you browse movies using this app, you will find they will be marked either as “Watch Free” or “Premium.”  While many of the movies can be streamed free of charge, some cannot.  If you want to watch the premium selections, you will need to subscribe to the app’s premium plan.  The app covers many different genres including, for instance, Drama, Film-Noir, biography, Bollywood, Classics, Family, Educational, Comedy, Action and Adventure, Mockumentary, Lifestyle, Western, World Cinema, War, Thriller, Animation, and several others.  This app also has TV series available.

Download Big Star Movies

27. Flipps

Flipps is an amazing movie app that will give you access to movies, music videos, YouTube, and other content (including news).  You can use Flipps to view and enjoy movies on your device, or you can use your television for a larger screen experience.  This app allows you to easily watch movies from over 100 different channels.  Flipps provides an HD viewing experience, sometimes in 1080p.  This app is well-organized, and offers a user-friendly experience.  Flipps is available for download from both Google Play and iTunes/the Apple App Store.

Download Flipps:

For Android

For iOS

28. Spuul: Indian Movies & TV

Spuul: Indian Movies & TV is a free app that allows you to find and enjoy Hindi/Indian/Bollywood movies, including films that are considered Bollywood classis.  Spuul offers good picture quality, and is user-friendly in design.  Spuul provides fast streaming, as well as the ability to download in order to watch your selections later at your convenience.  Spuul can be readily and easily downloaded at Google Play.

Dowload Spuul

29. Google Play Movies & TV

This is Google Play’s very own app, a tool that is often overlooked but actually provides great features!  This app is free to download and use, and provides an excellent variety of movies.  When you choose a movie, you will have the ability to buy or rent the selection.  You can choose to download the movie so you can watch it offline at your own convenience, or you can stream and enjoy it immediately.  Google Play Movies & TV can be downloaded from Google Play.  Google Play Movies & TV is user-friendly and attractively designed, ensuring a fun and effortless experience.  This app is compatible for use with Google Chromecast, a device which will allow you to watch movies on a larger screen (for example, on your home television).

Download Google Play Movies & TV

30. Crunchyroll—Everything Anime

This app specialized in Japanese Anime and provides an English interface.  With Crunchyroll, you will be able to view most of your favorite selections at absolutely no charge.  If you absolutely hate ads, you will have the option of eliminating them by upgrading to a paid membership.  This app provides English subtitles, and is very user-friendly.  You will have the ability to use it with Google Chromecast, in order to watch your selected titles on a larger screen (for example, on your home television).  Crunchyroll features the most recent and in-demand Anime titles and episodes, including more than 25,000 episodes of Anime shows.  Examples of classic Anime programs offered include Hunter X Hunter, Naruto Shippuden, Blue Exorcist, and others.  Crunchyroll can be downloaded at Google Play.

Download Crunchyroll


If you enjoy being on your mobile phone a lot and you like to watch movies then you most likely will love some of these apps. No matter what phone you use, you can choose apps for Android or iOS devices. If you liked our list and find it useful, feel free to share it with your friends and family. Enjoy your movies!


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