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Best Torrent Sites Currently Available

best torrent sites
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Do you enjoy sharing and downloading files online?  If you do, torrenting sites might be just what you are looking for!  In this article, we will go over some of the best torrent sites available on the internet.

best torrent sites

What Are Torrenting Sites And How Do They Work?

Well, to be honest, torrent sites are not the safest sites to use. They can harm your computer with the virus or just annoy you with numerous ads. I’m not advocating the use of torrent sites but if this is what you need to do, use the sites with your own risk.

It’s best that you have a good virus protection on your computer if you decide to download from torrent sites. Most virus protections should detect a file that may be compromised with a virus or any harmful programs.  Most torrent sites are large and contain enormous database of files. Many of the torrent sites get banned because of the files they contain. However, there are completely legal sites as well. Some legal ones may have a paid subscription.

Torrents is simply a server or a storage space where you can download many files. Torrent sites are usually fast. How it works: a person uploads a file on a torrent with torrent extension, the torrent site gives the torrent tracker and activates it on its server. After that, torrent trackers will connect with your software like BitTorrent. Then the trackers submit your IP address and connects to the site. This enables you to download the specific file/software in small pieces.

To put it simply, the software doesn’t download the files from the tracker, instead the tracker operated as an agent between the site server and torrent software. If you download something from a torrent site, you are called a peerer or leecher. If you have already downloaded something from a torrent site, then you are called a seeder.

If you need a specific file, you can simply google it and type in the search box: “my file or the software name + torrent”.

Note: torrent sites will change their domains frequently, especially extensions such as .cc  .com  .eu  .se  Don’t get discouraged if some of the links here in this article will not work anymore. If that happens, you can google the torrent name and you’ll find the correct extension. We try to keep up with the correct links as well and update our article frequently.

Best Torrent Sites


Tolock is a very popular and useful torrent site.  Torlock gives users financial incentives to report any false files they come across on the site.  As a result of this policy, many more problematic files are reported than would otherwise, and Torlock is consequently much cleaner than many other torrent sites.  This makes Torlock an especially good site for users who are new to torrents and are worried they might miss the clues of a potentially dangerous file. Torlock has very little problem with spam.  This site also makes it easy for you to find good files by letting you use the rating of the user who uploaded each file to filter your search results.  Torlock torrent site is free to use.


Boxopus is a paid service.  A one-week subscription charge is a very reasonable $1.50.  If you prefer, you can instead buy an annual subscription for $50.  Boxopus has several outstanding characteristics that ensure its place among the best torrent sites on the web, as well as its strong level of popularity.  If you use Dropbox, you should be aware that it has put a block in place with regard to Boxopus torrents.  Therefore, if you were hoping to integrate your chosen torrent site with Dropbox, you will need to find a different site.  However, despite its inability to work with Dropbox (and its fees), Boxopus is generally an excellent torrent site.


Torrent Funk is one of the most popular torrent sites available.  If you enjoy politely debating, commenting, and being able to take part in the community of your chosen torrent site, Torrent Funk is a very good choice.  Additionally, you will be able to do verified status tagging, a feature that many users find to be extremely helpful.

This site is very well-designed, and people usually find it to be very user-friendly and intuitively designed.  You will have access to cross-movie recommendations, which will assist you in finding the files you will most likely enjoy.  This site is expected to continue to develop and expand at a very rapid rate.

At Torrent Funk, you might have problems distinguishing between the torrent links for which you are searching and sponsored ads.  However, you will find it easy to search for specific torrent files on this site using its simple search field.  This site has a wide variety of torrent files available, including anime, music, television, ebooks, movies, games, software, and others.  If you wish, you can easily browse the site’s available files by category.  You will see that all the categories as well as some of the most popular samples of each are listed on the site’s homepage.  This is an excellent feature for users who visit the site not entirely sure what file they wish to download.

Torrent Funk makes uploading the torrent files you want to share very easy, using the site’s upload form, and the site is entirely free to use.  One of Torrent Funk’s most admired qualities is its ability to provide only verified, safe torrents.  This characteristic makes the site an especially good choice for torrent beginners.


Demonoid is without question one of the best and most popular torrent sites available.  One of this site’s strongest features is the fact it makes it very easy for users to avoid downloading fake, harmful torrent files (which may include malware).  Demonoid is completely free to use.

Demonoid requires private membership, but it is still looking for appropriate new members.  Make sure to get your membership very soon, as the site might stop accepting new users at any point.  As this site might easily be an ideal fit for you, it is better to avoid taking the chance of missing out.  This site is known for its reliability, as well as its ability to stay current.  Overall, Demonoid is a prominent and highly recommended site among Torrent enthusiasts.


This site has made a strong comeback from recent problems, and has new ownership. is now able to release torrents of its own.  It is possible that you will find this site a little more limited than others with regard to new releases, but other than that this is a very good torrent site. is well-established, and is popular among torrent fans.  Easily one of EZTV’s strengths is its search engine, which allows you to easily find and quickly download the television program of your choice free of charge.  You will find that this site offers you both torrent links and magnet links.  Even better, registration is not required.

EZTV’s site is extremely user-friendly, and might be an especially good option if you are new to the world of torrent files.  If you are not certain which television show you want to watch, browse through the new episodes listed on the site’s homepage.  You will see that each episode has its own download link, which you can click on to obtain the file.  EZTV has a wonderful forum, as well, that lets users submit requests for particular episodes of shows.  This site is renowned for its speed, as well as its high-quality files.

EZTV is a well-established and user-friendly torrent site.  Searching for your desired torrent files on EZTV is very simple and easy to do.  One of this site’s best features is the fact it provides lists of recent TV show episodes on its home page, including links to download the files.  This makes it an especially wonderful site to visit when you are bored and know you want to watch something, but aren’t entirely certain exactly what!  In many ways, the general EZTV experience can be compared to television itself!

6. is an especially good option for torrent enthusiasts who want to find and download files that are generally harder to find.  This site has its basis in Google technology, and is a metasearch service.  Being a metasearch service means that the search results it renders are taken from a large number of other search engines.  As the search results this service will yield will not be screened by the site in any way, you will have to be especially careful to ensure that you do not follow links to untrustworthy sites with files containing malware.

It is a good idea to find out the user rating of the sites you find before you visit them, and especially before you download anything from them.  As a result of the user requirement to check and verify files themselves before downloading in order to avoid malware and other potential dangers, Toorgle is generally a good site for more experienced Torrent users.

7. is a recently established but extremely promising site.  It cares so much about the convenience and enjoyment of its users that in addition to its site, it offers a mobile app.  This lets you easily use the service on your smartphone or tablet.  While this service is continually improving, it is already very high-quality.  More and more torrent enthusiasts are discovering and falling in love with this service every day.  Perhaps think about visiting it soon, and becoming part of the thriving community.

8. is very easy to use, and is a well-designed site.  It provides a keyword cloud map, and this site will be an invaluable aid in helping you find music artists, TV shows, and movies that you will enjoy.  This site is gaining quickly in popularity, and offers more than three million torrent files.  This is an outstanding variety compared to many other torrent sites, including some of the most popular.

SeedPeer’s search engine is very strong, and it provides fast and easy downloading of your chosen files.  If you are not already certain of what you want to watch, you may find numerous movie, music, and TV show torrent files on the homepage from which you can quickly and easily select.  The site’s search bar is also sensibly found on the homepage.  This means that if you come to the site with an exact file name in mind, all you will have to do is type it into the search bar, which is very intuitively designed and user-friendly.


Isohunt has recently had to re-establish itself through using a different country’s domain name.  This site has a well-established following of users, and is admired for its easy-to-use and highly dynamic search engine.  This search engine is based on a peer to peer basis, and outstanding BitTorrent characteristics.

Using the Isohunt’s search engine, you will have the ability to search for specific files or browse by category.  Once you have found something you want to watch, you may quickly and easily download and view it.  Entertainment content is the primary content item of this torrent website.

This site allows you to download and enjoy files on either your computer or device.  When you visit Isohunt, you will find that the site is very attractively designed and user-friendly.  You may find a wide variety of files on this site, including, for example, music files, anime files, software files, and movie files.


This site uses the Bit Torrent protocol, and ensures simple and easy sharing of files between peers.  This site is noted for its power and speed, as well as the convenience it provides.  Examples of torrent file types available on this site include software, games, movies, music, and ebooks.  While RARBG does not give you the opportunity to upload .exe files, it is extremely popular in Europe.  You will not be required to register for this site in order to download files, and its searching and downloading services are entirely free of charge.

RARBG is especially popular with very devoted file sharers and downloaders.  You will find that this site provides wonderful, high-resolution picture quality.  This site is not automatically open to the public, and so you will have to inquire whether you are able to join the community.


The Pirate Bay is without a doubt an extraordinarily popular and prevalent torrent site.  Without a doubt, it is one of the most famous on the planet.  It is believed to possess over six million users, and all of its services are entirely free of charge.  It is simple and easy to quickly upload and share your own files to The Pirate Bay.

This very well-established site allows mp3, movie torrent, and game torrent files.  You will also be able to find files that others have shared that you would like to download and enjoy.  The Pirate Bay is a user-friendly, well-designed, and dependable torrent site.

12. BitSnoop

There are many kinds of torrent files available on this excellent site, including software, movies (including Bollywood), mp3 books, and videos.  This is a very popular torrent site, and is highly recommended by many experienced users.  BitSnoop offers very simple and easy yet effective search functions, making it easy to find the files for which you are searching.

BitsSnoop is a well-established and reliable torrent site.  This torrent site provides access to millions of files.  One of the best features of this site is the fact that they automatically delete uploaded files that are found to contains certain viruses and other problems.  This makes BitSnoop perhaps a good fit for many torrent novices.  BitSnoop offers a list of the top 100 torrents at any given time, giving you great ideas for what to download if you do not already have one in mind.


Torrentbox is one of the most popular and useful torrent sites on the internet, and provides outstanding downloading speed.  It provides access to at least four million files, and     offers its users the invaluable opportunity of finding and downloading only files that are password protected, and/or spam or virus infected.

Torrenbox has a very user-friendly interface, making it simple to find and download the files you want or need.  The categories of file this site offers include anime, movies, mobile video, music, software, and others.  If you do not already have in mind what you would like to find and download, you can simply browse the contents of each category.


GamesTorrents is an amazing site for gaming enthusiasts.  The design of this well-established and popular site was created specifically for game torrents, making the site highly specialized.  On this site, you will find games for a variety of different platforms, such as PS3, PC, Xbox 360, and others.  Some of the game categories this site offers include sports, 3D, 2D, action, fighting, and others.  This site has a good reputation among people who are serious about gaming.

15. TorrentHound (Not Available Anymore)

TorrentHound is a well-established and extraordinarily popular site.  It provides a high-quality experience, and allows you to download files in many different categories, such as software, ebooks, music, movies, and games.  When you visit TorrentHound’s homepage, you will have the chance to view information on the most frequently downloaded and viewed torrent files on the site by category, as well as statistics about the database of the site.

If you already know which file you want to find, you can simply type its name into the site’s user-friendly search bar.  You may find the search bar at the top of the homepage, making it very easy for you to simply type in and search for whichever specific torrent file you have in mind.

16. Kickass Torrents (Not Available Anymore)

With Kickass Torrents, you can search for peer-to-peer shared files quickly and easily.  It provides an extensive directory of magnet links and torrent files.  This well-established and dependable site is a search engine specializing in torrent files.  It makes searching for the files you want easier with its user-friendly design and organization.

You should note that Kickass Torrents does not host content itself; rather, through its search engine it provides you with download links provided by other torrent sites.  Kickass Torrents database includes many different types of torrent files, including mp3, music, movies, games, and others.  If you know exactly what file you are looking for when first visiting the site, simply type its name in the site’s intuitive search bar.

Kickass Torrents is extremely popular among torrent enthusiasts, and allows you to register for the site’s community in which you will have the opportunity to chat with other users.  Another of Kickass Torrents’ amazing features is that it does not annoy its users with pop-up ads.  This is considered an invaluable feature by many torrent users, and very much in line with Kickass Torrents’ general user-friendliness.

Note: URL changed to and another mirror is


YTS is one of the most popular torrent sites on the internet.  It offers a vast selection of Hollywood movies, and you can download and view the files you choose in HD.

YTS has easy registration, and allows users to bookmark specific files that they plan to download later.  This site provides a useful and fun user chat area where you can share your thoughts and questions with likeminded torrent enthusiasts.  YTS makes finding and downloading torrents a quick and easy process.

The site offers 3D, 2D, and 720p high definition movie files.  If you want to view the week’s most popular downloads, you can find a list on the homepage.  This may help you choose a file if you did not already have something in mind when coming to the site.  This site has a reasonably user-friendly interface.

18. is a very user-friendly site, and is quickly becoming progressively more popular.  It makes finding your favorite torrents and downloading them very fast and easy.  This site has a highly visual design that makes it very simple to navigate.  It provides an abundance of file information and thumbnails that can help you narrow down your selections.

Many people praise Extra Torrent for its facility in helping people find new music and movies to enjoy.  This site is directory-based, and provides an advanced search bar for ease of use.  If you prefer, you can simple browse the torrent files available.  Some of the types of torrent files this site offers include music, images, TV, games, movies, anime, and others.

This site is especially well-known in the United States, where it boasts more than one million users.  This site does not require registration, although you can register if you wish to.   One special feature of this site is the fact it has measurement for determining the “health” of files (to check for malware and other problems).  This will help warn you not to download questionable files.  Yet another positive feature of this site is the fact that it has very few (if any) annoying ads.  Many people consider this to be a very important (even indispensable) feature.


Lime Torrents is an extremely popular torrent site, and continues to grow in prominence and popularity.  This excellent, user-friendly site offers several different types of torrent files (examples include movies, anime, software, video, and others).  If you know exactly which file you need to find, simply type its name into the user-friendly search bar.

Lime Torrents is a meta search engine.  This means that it allows you to search for your selection on many different websites at once, making you more likely to find what you want.  If you do not have an exact file title to type in the search bar, you can make use of categories and filters to browse the torrent files available in each.


YourBitTorrent is a very popular torrent site.  It has at least eight million torrent files available, but you should keep in mind that only nearly three million of those are verified files.  This site is constantly being updated, with large numbers of new files uploaded on a consistent basis.  Types of torrent files available for download on this site include movie files, mp3 files, games files, and others.


This well-established and popular site offers a variety of different types of torrent files, including anime, games, software, movies, and many others.  This site has a large number of loyal users who both upload and download torrent files.  This torrent site has a user-friendly and well-designed interface.

This site offers an easy-to-use search bar in which you may type the name of a specific file for which you are searching.  This search bar can be found at the top of the site’s homepage.  This search bar makes it easy for you to type in the name of the torrent file you wish to find and enjoy.

22. is a well-established torrent site that allows you to find, download, and enjoy a wide variety of shared files.  It is an extremely popular site, and you may use it entirely free of charge.  Torrentz is a meta search engine, and it provides very fast and efficient operation.  The site search gives you access to over 25 million files.  These files are found on in excess of thirty other domains.

It is important to note that Torrentz is not a host of files or magnet links itself.  Rather, it uses information and links to direct you to sites at which your desired file can be found and downloaded.  Torrentz’s interface is very user-friendly and well-designed.


Monova is a quickly developing torrent site that is becoming more popular every day.  It currently boasts more than four million users.  Monova provides access to many different types of torrents, including TV shows, games, ebooks, HD movies, software, music, photos, and others.  Registration is required if you want to upload files to the site.  However, if you just hope to download files you will not have to register if you don’t want to.

It is entirely free to download files from this site.  If you wish, you can browse for files by using category filters.  This feature is especially useful for people who do not have an exact file in mind.


This is a very popular torrent site.  One of its best features is the fact that you can download many Hollywood movies in 720 or 1024 HD.  The site provides access to several different kinds of torrent files including, for example, movies (as we have already mentioned), music, TV shows, anime, applications, and others.  Unfortunately, this site will not permit you to attach comments to files.

This torrent site is generally considered quite safe.  This site allows you to easily browse different files, and is a very effective torrent file directory and search engine. is an excellent torrent community, and its services are provided entirely free of charge.  This site is especially popular among UK torrent enthusiasts.


TorrentDownloads is a very well-established and popular torrent sites.  Examples of the types of torrent files you may find and download on this site include HD movies, apps, TV series, games, music (MP3), ebooks, and others.  Searching for specific files is simple and easy on this site.  If you do not already have a specific file in mind, you can simply browse files by using the categories filters on the homepage.  One of the best features of this site is the fact that it is growing so quickly.

TorrentDownloads provides magnet links, and you can be assured that their torrents are reliable.  This site is admired for its organized indexing of files.


IPtorrents is an extremely popular torrent site.  You should be aware that this is an invitation-only site.  This means that someone who already belongs to the site to add you to the community.  The only exception to this is if you are willing to give the site a donation.  This site is admired for providing quality torrents, as well as for its general speed.  IPtorrents offers an excellent selection of torrent files.


This site is growing in popularity.  It was founded by a well-known comic uploader previously on the famous site, KickAssTorrents.  You may find, download, and enjoy a wide variety of torrent files on this site.  Examples include anime, textbooks, ebooks, and many others.


If you are looking for a torrent site which verifies all its files, Zoogle might be for you!  Zoogle ensures that all uploaded files are verified, thus protecting you from problems such as malware.  Zoogle is well-known for its very large selection of listed files.  Zoogle is user-friendly and very popular with torrent fans.


While this site is very well-established, it cannot boast of being amongst the most popular sites. However, this does not detract from the site’s undeniable quality.  Mini Nova is user-friendly.  Mini Nova will allow you to both upload and download torrent files.


While Summo Torrent is relatively new, it is an extremely popular torrent site.  If you already know the file you want to find, you can simply type it into Summo Torrent’s user-friendly search box.  If perhaps you are not quite sure what you want to find and download, you can simply browse the site’s files by making use of its various file categories.  Some of Summo Torrent’s categories include anime, TV programs, music, games, and others.

31. is a very popular site for torrent uploading and downloading.  You will find that this site provides verified torrents, and that you will be able to download and enjoy them free of charge. has a user-friendly interface, and makes it very easy to browse files by category.  Examples of some categories this site provides include: software, movies, games, TV shows, and others.


YIFY is a popular torrent site, and is becoming more well-known every day.  YIFY Torrents is generally seen as safe to use, and is user-friendly.  This site makes it easy to find and download music and movies of the highest quality.  Users admire this site’s ability to provide movies that are entirely virus-free, including many Hollywood movies.  The links that this site sets out are high in quality.  YIFY Torrents offers an excellent chat area where you can discuss your torrent hobby with like-minded users.


Now you can browse this list and check out the torrent sites. Most of these sites contain ads, but this is the only source of their income. Torrent sites are often shut down and we do our best to update our list. The domains keep on changing to different ones.

If you have noticed a site change the domain name, please notify us in the comment section below.  If you found our list of sites useful, please share it with your friends or family.

Update October 2016

  • Torrent site called Torrenthound has been shut down. This big and awesome site was shut down because of the revenue issue. The owner claimed that the site wasn’t generating enough income and the traffic was slowing down. They were forced to shut down the website.
  • Another site has been shut down- Kickass Torrent. However, we have found a good alternative of the kickass torrent. The mirror site is .

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