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Best AppCake Repo

Best AppCake Repo
Written by staff

As we know AppCake is far in due its extravaganza features, i.e. letting users install blazing apps for free, easy way to install and many more. Now a question arises that actually what is the best repo for AppCake?

Best AppCake Repo

What is the best AppCake Repo?

Its a headache question that actually what is the best AppCake repo? As many individuals finding in internet regarding best AppCake repo, results in long procedure which gives them a heart attack! Today I will tell you a best AppCake Repo. Yes! it’s Cydia the best AppCake Repo ever made. Now I will tell you how to download the AppCake via Cydia within few steps.

Step 1: First you have to jail-broken your device via using iTunes. Its a simplest way to jail-broken you device.

Step 2: Add it to Cydia repo.

Step 3: After add it, download the AppSync via Cydia, but first check out your iOS version.

Step 4: When the installation of AppSync completes, open up the default browser which in this case is Safari.

Step 5: Follow the link to this site.  

Step 6: Their you can search out the AppCake app and install it.

Step 7: After a while, a dialog box appears click on it to continue the installation process.

Step 8: Wait for sometime till the installation gets complete, but first you need AppSync to install cracked apps.

Step 9: Restart your device.

Step 10: Now open up the AppCake and enjoy the blazing apps for free.