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10 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is easily one of the most powerful phablets right now with 5.7 inches super AMOLED capacitive display, 13 MP primary camera, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, Quad-core processor along with 3 GB of RAM and up to 64 GB internal storage. Buying this device is an easy decision. The problem here is finding the best apps to make use of its power. Shared here are the 10 best apps for Note 3 that every user should add to their device as soon as possible.

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best apps for galaxy note 3

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10 Best Apps for Note 3

1. Swift Key 4.3

This is definitely one of the best apps for note 3. It’s digital keyboard that you’ll ever use. Its word prediction feature typically knows what you’re typing even before you do, but that’s not the best part. You can change the size of the keyboard or move it around. This is a perfect way to type on the Note 3’s huge 5.7-inch display. Click here for more information.

2. MyScript Calculator

If you love math, or if you happen to have a math class, then this is an indispensable app. Not only that, but it really makes use of the S-Pen. You can create quadratic equations in seconds and convert them into digital text. Another bonus is that this app should be able to solve all of your mathematics needs.

3. Real Racing 3

This racing game looks like it should belong to a console, and only powerful devices like the Note 3 can run it without the battery dying in seconds. Even if you don’t like racing games too much, you should download this app to see just the power of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 when it comes to handling games.

4. Map Note

Everyone loves Google Maps, but Map Note adds a handy little feature that also makes use of the S-Pen. You get to draw and doodle arrows, images and notes on the map. You can then share the map image with friends. If your friends are having a hard time finding the right route, then this will definitely help them out.

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5. Netflix

Not only has the Netflix app been recently updated to move faster, but this is the perfect app to make use of the Note’s huge screen and 1080 p resolution. You can watch your favorite movies and shows for just $6 a month. This is a must have app for enjoying movies on such an incredibly large screen.

6. FlipaClip

Remember those days in grade school, or even college, when you would make small flip book animations in your notebooks or textbooks? FlipaClip lets you relive that fun without ruining a book. This simple animation app is fun to use, and the S-Pen allows you to really make use of your artistic ability.

7. Significant Signature Capture

The title may not be very attractive, but this is a great app that will verify your signature whenever you write it. This is a great way to prevent fraud. You can also add your signature to PDF files.

8. How to Draw Art Lessons

Want to learn how to draw cute creatures? This app will help you learn the basics of drawing while honing your skills so that you can create even more advanced images. The series of lessons will turn you into an artist in no time.

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9. FIFA 14

This is another game that looks glorious and really makes use of the Note’s power. Not only are the graphics stunning, but the controls are refined for touch screens to make things easier and more accurate.

10. Apex Launcher

This note 3 app makes the default Android launcher look childish. Not only you can customize the icons and decide how many apps fit on one screen, but this will help you quickly organize the device for your needs.

If you haven’t purchased the device yet AT&T’s Black Friday sale is your best time to save on the Galaxy Note 3. All the best apps for note 3 mentioned above have been optimized for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and are available at Google Play Store for free or just a few bucks.

Among the list of 10 best apps for note 3 shared above, which one is your favorite?

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Your favorite apps not in our list of best apps for note 3? Contact us and we’ll be happy to add them to our upcoming list of best apps for note 3.

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  • Great post, Swift Key is my favorite application in the mentioned list. I love this application and typing using this app. Some of the applications are new to me, so i will use them soon enough.


  • I bought new galaxy note 3 for this new year. I was searching for some coool applications that makes my phone different and here I am, Thanks Salman for the share, downloaded all 5 of dem..

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a gadget that can be used for many things. There is no doubt this is an important mobile tool for many mobile and online marketers.

    Its readily helpful having to learn of some of the top apps that should go with this gadget.

    I can see that these apps cut across productivity and entertainment functionality. The list is well explained and the reader can easily make a decision from the links!

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  • I have personally used most of these apps and while i can agree to some of them making my list some others like How to draw art lessons, flipaclip and Neflix won’t make my list, other apps like Appy Geek, News360, BBM and Whatsapp will replace those for me.

    • I agree that not everyone has the same taste for apps but the list contains apps like swift key, real racing 3 and apex launcher which according to many users are useful for note 3